Sunday, 20 July 2014


Their was a time when I considered Weird Al Yankovic to be the greatest comedic force this planet has ever produced.  Then I turned 12 and moved on.  But Weird Al was always there and I'd take notice every few years as a new album popped up.  It really is amazing that he's still producing the same goofball music videos he was 30 years ago.

The difference now is that I have no fucking clue what the original song is that he's parodying.  He's releasing 8 new videos in 8 days and I queued up the first 4 on youtube and each one I had to ask Jen "What song is that?".  And my follow up question would be something along the lines of "Who the fuck is Pharrell Williams?".  So Weird Al Yankovic is more in touch with current music trends than I am.  Life is going to be hard when Peanut starts listening to popular music.

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  1. Is it not weird that he looks the same too? Did you listen to Word Crimes? tee hee.