Thursday, 24 July 2014

Moving On

All things must come to an end.  Just like The Angry Bear and John Bulle before it, it's time to wrap up TBone Today!  This blog started out as a place to vent my frustrations and express my rage at various things and occasionally mark milestones in my life.  It is now, mainly, a photo blog for our beloved Peanut and there are just better platforms out there to share that content.

The Blogger platform is fine, in that it is free, but it is pretty obvious that Google isn't too interested in updating the platform or their mobile apps to make generating content quicker or easier.  They want people on Google+, their poor, unpopular social network.  So fine, that's where I'm headed.  All of my photos are already backed up there and I actually like a lot of their automatic adjustments and gif generations.  Generating a post on TBone Today meant sitting down at a keyboard and reloading pictures or videos that already existed on the internet.  Sharing content on Google+ can be done with a couple flicks of my thumb on my phone or tablet.

Hopefully this move doesn't leave anybody behind.  You won't need a Google account to view the new posts but you will need one to comment on anything.  I appreciate everybody who's stopped in at TBone Today to see what I've been up to while the rest of the world Facebooks away.  So, if you're wondering what adventures Peanut has been up to or you've just adjusted your clocks for daylight savings time and you're wondering how angry I am about it this time, you can find all the latest at:

That's right!  It was I, mild mannered engineer Tyson Londry, the whole time!  And with that shocking twist, we bid farewell to TBone Today!


  1. It was fun while it lasted - as always!

  2. but what about all the old content! how do people find out about stupid sexy george ribs?

    1. Ah yes. The one and only reason anybody used the search function. Well, that and scotch reviews. The site will still be here, there just won't be any new content. There may come a time when I get nostalgic for scotch and need to look up a review!

  3. phew!....still gonna take screen grabs of some though in case

  4. Wondered why I was getting so much info on Google plus so decided to check out your blog and now I know why. It was great keeping tabs on my son and family. Glad to know I can still do so.