Thursday, 17 July 2014


This has just been a remarkable week of bad luck.  Fantastic.  It all started Friday when I got home and Jen said the camera on her phone wasn't working anymore.  This is the Nexus 5 I bought for her birthday specifically because the camera was so much better than her last phone.  She's had the phone for two months.  I did the usual troubleshooting (turned it off and on again) and some extensive googling to try and resolve the issue.  No luck.  I did find a very long thread on Google's support forum with several customers complaining about the same thing.  Didn't look like there was a software solution, the phone would have to be returned.

So here's one bright spot in the week, Google customer service.  I filled out a form on the web detailing the issue and the steps I had already taken to try and resolve it.  I clicked "Request Call" and, literally, 5 seconds later my phone was ringing.  It was an automated call back and I was put on hold for a real person but it only took an additional 10-15 seconds before I was talking to somebody employed by Google in California.  That impressed me.  The support person ran through the list of things I'd already tried and said the only thing left to do was to try a full factory reset.  That impressed me more.  No time wasted doing things I'd already tried, she accepted that I was a competent individual and moved on to something I hadn't tried.  The factory reset didn't work so she sent me a link to order a replacement and instructions on how to ship back the old unit.  The replacement phone should be here today.  Not happy that the phone clunked out on us but very satisfied with the customer service experience dealing directly with Google.

On to Sunday night.  One of our neighbours who has a little boy a couple months younger than Paige dropped by and said that her son had caught a case of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease and wanted to give us a heads up because Paige had been over earlier in the week.  Sure enough, Monday morning Peanut had a fever and dots started to show up on her feet and legs.  So glad the neighbour had warned us because we would have freaked the hell out otherwise.  Paige was not a happy camper and there wasn't much sleep Monday night.  The fever finally broke Tuesday around dinner and, thankfully, her appetite returned.  The spots have spread and become full sores and it is heartbreaking to see her infected but she seems to be in good spirits and all we can do is wait it out.

Meanwhile, Monday night I was giving Paige a bath and when I pulled the plug to drain the tub, Jen started yelling at me from downstairs "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" and I yelled back "I'M GIVING PAIGE A BATH!!!".  And Jen yelled back "WELL, THERE'S A WATERFALL DOWN HERE!".  Crap.  We get Paige put down and Jen goes to have a shower while I watch in the main floor bathroom below.  Sure enough when Jen turns on the faucet, water starts pouring onto the ceiling but then she turns on the shower head and it's just a little drip.  Crap.  Oh well, we wanted to tear down that ceiling anyways to look at the plumbing for the second floor to plan a future reno.  Looks like I'd be doing that after work Tuesday.  Go into work Tuesday morning and get a frantic call from Jen that she flushed the toilet upstairs and it backed up into the bathtub and sink AND there's a waterfall again on the main floor and down into the basement.  Super.  Head home and start ripping apart the main floor bathroom to try and see where the leak is.

Old homes are fascinating.  And the collection of random material that was on top of that bathroom ceiling was truly fascinating.  And it was all sopping wet.  Very curious construction but I couldn't see the leak.  Switch tactics to clearing the stack.  Grab a snake and head upstairs to snake out the toilet.  Couple twists and I remember that snaking a toilet isn't very healthy for the enamel finish of the toilet.  Curse, pull the toilet and snake the drain directly.  Clear whatever was holding up the process in the stack and everything was running well again.  Just have to put the toilet back and, of course, the supply tube won't seal to the toilet anymore.  Quick trip to grab a new hose and we're back in business.  And then the clean-up could start.  It was quite a day.  Everything is working as it should now and we have a much better understanding of our plumbing and what we would have to do for our future reno.  But it still wasn't fun.

While I was trying to troubleshoot Jen's phone I noticed the back was getting rather warm so I suggested she leave her protective case off the phone so it could cool off better.  The Nexus 5 is a slippery design and Jen proceeded to drop her phone all over the house and I would usually add my own eye roll and mutter "never going to get warranty approved on that".  But the buttery fingers also worked their magic on the baby monitor as Jen came down the stairs.  The monitor kind of snapped back together and it is still usable but the buttons need a little coaxing to get back to neutral.  I nearly strained my eyes with all the rolling they did.

And then yesterday.  I was out in the shop and put MY Nexus 5 on a shelf for safe keeping and turned away and caught the phone with my arm and sent it to floor, the concrete floor, screen side first.  Yup.

Sigh.  I really liked this phone.  The upside here is that it didn't cost me much.  But there's definitely no warranty on this and I don't really feel like spending $400 for a replacement.  We'll see how long I last with this.  Everything still works it's just the view is a little shattery.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!


  1. And how's your blood pressure? That's just nutty.

    1. Blood pressure is holding up just fine. Yay modern medicine!