Tuesday, 8 July 2014

And We're Back!

Got back from a great week of vacation on Saturday.  We rented a cottage North of Kingston.  We've done this a couple times before.  My brother-in-law scouts out a place and we spend a week on a lake somewhere.  This year we changed it up a bit and instead of one large cottage, we got multiple smaller cottages at the same resort.  And it worked out really well.  So well, we've already booked the same spot for next year

We went in on a cottage with my parents and it was great having Grandma and Grandpa around for additional kiddie support.  The drive over was fairly smooth.  We stopped a couple times to let Paige stretch her legs and even then we made decent time.  The first night was kind of stressful as Paige didn't want to sleep in the Pack'n'Play that was so successful in Niagara.  Jen made up a barrier on the bed in Paige's room and we crossed our fingers and went to sleep.  We were just drifting off when we heard a thump, a 5 second pause, and then wailing.  Jen leaped up and that was the last I saw of her that night.  She later said that when she went into the room Paige was on all fours, like a cat, on the floor and she wasn't too happy.  Jen spent the night on that bed but would reinforce the barrier and the rest of the week went pretty well with naps and sleeping.  Even the fucking fireworks they set off at 10:00 pm on July 1 didn't wake her.

The beach was great.  Paige had a blast playing in the sand and splashing in the water and watching her cousins run around.  And I had the best week of fishing in my life.  All my fish went back in the lake but my brother and brother-in-law weren't as merciful and pulled enough fish out of that lake to put on an enormous fish fry on our last night there.  We had some of our American relatives come up for the week as well and we were introduced to Paige's new second cousin, Megali, who is adorable.  We had one rain day which I personally feel is a necessary component to any cottage vacation.  Time to just kick back and play some cards in the middle of all the running around.

It was just a great week.  Highly recommend Springwood Cottages, just outside Arden on Kennebec Lake.  Good times!

"Oh man.  What a week!"

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  1. Great pics! It WAS loads of fun wasn't it?