Monday, 23 June 2014


It was a big test for us this weekend.  It was our first attempt at an overnighter, out of town, since the unfortunate Super Bowl incident.  We were again heading to Niagara and, once again, using Grandma and Grandpa's place as the home base.  This was going to determine what kind of adventure we could expect next week at the cottage.

And it actually went pretty well.  The drive down and back wasn't the greatest but Paige had fun at the Robickle's BBQ and after dinner she went back to Port with Jen.  She went down around 8:30 which let Jen come back to the party and Paige slept through to 5:30.  Not her best sleep ever but 9 hours, in a different house, and a strange bed, hey, we'll take it.  It was a real confidence booster looking forward to our week at the cottage.  Plus we got to hang out with some of our Deere peeps and had fun stressing over various board games.  A great weekend.

Aunt Andrea found some adorable devil horn hair clips.

Other strange things were to be found in the Robickle garden.

"Yup.  You've got zombies.  You'll have to spray for that."

"Rawr, Maggie.  I'm a zombie!"

"That's right.  You run!"
Maggie was quite the entertainer.

A long weekend but much fun.

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  1. Phew! Bet that's a big relief knowing she will sleep in strange places. Looking good for the cottage!