Thursday, 1 May 2014


So, I weigh 100 lbs less than I did a year ago.  100 lbs.  Next time you're at Home Depot, pick up a couple 50 lb bags of sand and walk around for a bit. It's a friggin load.  My knees couldn't be happier.

There's a certain amount of pride in reaching this mark.  It's tempered by the fact that I've lost 100 lbs but I'm still overweight.  And that if it was possible for me to lose this weight, why didn't I do it 5 years ago?  Or 10?  I try not to think about that too much.  Life's a journey and I was in the weeds for a long time but it got me to where I am now.  With a beautiful, supportive wife and an adorable little girl, I've got all the motivation I need to keep going.

And I will keep going.  I want to be the man Jen deserves and the father Paige can be proud of.  I've found a diet and exercise regimen that works and I don't really have the temptation to cheat.  I did promise myself a butter tart once I reached this goal but now that I'm here, it doesn't seem all that important.  I will be having a piece of toast this weekend with breakfast though.  It's remarkable that of all the carbs I've eliminated from my diet, it's toast with eggs that I seem to miss the most.

Anyways, that is what's going on with me.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled Peanut updates.

My Motivation


  1. I'm sorry, is it dusty in here?! IT IS DUSTY
    Congratulations, Tyson.
    You may think Jen and Paige deserve this but it's you who does.
    Very proud of you, my grumpy(ish) friend!

  2. Holy smokes! That's totally awesome Ty. Way to go!

  3. Congratulations Tyson! So proud of you.

  4. That is a milestone if there ever was one! We are so proud of you.

  5. Congratulations Tyson!!
    -From the Gage family & the cats :)