Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to my two favoritest girls in the whole world!  A year ago today, Jen celebrated her birthday by heading into the hospital to induce labor.  It was an amazing day and I was just in awe of the woman I had married.  We welcomed Lil' Peanut into the world and for all the worrying and sleepless nights that followed we are here, a year later, and I'd challenge anyone to find a happier family.  We are throwing a little party this weekend to celebrate that year but today it'll just be us (plus Grandma!) and Jen just may have a well-deserved rum and coke before ALL the attention swings over to Peanut.  Thanks babe, for an unforgettable year!  Can't wait to get home to give my girls their birthday hugs.

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