Sunday, 25 May 2014

Big Weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came out to help celebrate Peanut's first birthday!  After a week of miserable weather we had a beautiful day to hang out on our deck and back yard and make Paige feel awkward for having everybody stare at her.  Actually, she seemed to thrive on the attention.  It was a good day and it was made possible by a lot of people who drove long distances and helped out throughout the day.  We appreciate it so much and we hope Paige got some idea of how lucky we are to have such good friends and loving family.

Some pics from her big day and from earlier in the week:


"A cupcake?  For me?  Get outta here!"

"Now what?"

Jen's first rum and coke in 1 year and 9 months.  And my first scotch in, well, weeks.

Graduated to the front facing car seat.  And a little skeptical about it.

Sock Monkey Pinata!

Sock Monkey Cake!

"Where are the people?"

Peanut in birthday tutu take a ride in the swing.

"Are they here yet?"

Happy cousins.

The Deere side of the deck.

Peanut lines up the pinata.

No luck on the first try.  Takes a drink and changes weapons.

Zander and Remy eye up the target.

Jake put a serious hurtin on that monkey.

I'll spare you the gory finale but this was the sweet aftermath.

A day later and Peanut has recruited her new minions into some devious plan.

Taking her new roadster for a spin.

Transplanted from Ottawa, Paige is eager to explore her new play house.

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