Sunday, 6 April 2014

Daddy Daughter Weekend!

All of our practice and training was in preparation for this weekend.  Two days of dad being solely responsible for the health and well-being of our treasured little peanut.  And it went well!  Paige was very cooperative.  Nap and meal times were right on schedule and when Jen got home at night all fingers and toes were accounted for.  We played, read books, went for walks, drove around in the Honda, and hung out on the deck on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  It was great.

And such a relief.  We now know Paige won't be traumatized by being separated from Mom for a day.  A real confidence booster that will hopefully open up Jen's world and let her plan more trips away from the house and not worry that Dad will fumble the baby.

Speaking of dads, MY dad showed up on Saturday!  He made the trip from Ottawa to take possession of Ajax The Wanderer.  And also got to see Paige do laps around the main floor.  He seemed pleased with his new pet and I know we were pretty happy to have found Jax such an enthusiastic owner.  I advised my dad to keep the cat in the carrier for the trip home but my dad is a traditionalist and he's traditionally never listened to me.  So now his car smells like cat poop.  We look forward to getting updates on Jax as he settles into his new digs and tries to win over my mom.

Yah, a very good weekend.

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  1. Way to go! I'm glad you didn't fumble Paige.
    And I'm sure the poop smelling car got the cat on the right foot with mom.