Friday, 4 April 2014


Well, the little weasel found his way into the house.  We have dubbed him Ajax or Jax for short.  I took him to the vet to get him checked out and with the all clear for fleas we let him stay in the basement.  He seems to be extremely happy to finally be inside and have soft, warm places to sleep.  Interactions with the other cats have been tense.  Surprisingly, Jax has been the aggressive one.  He gives up two pounds to Timmay and 3 pounds to Rocky but that hasn't stopped him from bullying them both.  I've had to break up a couple fights.

But the drama will be short lived.  My dad has claimed the little guy and will be coming down shortly to relocate him to Ottawa.  My mom is thrilled at the news and can't wait to meet him!  We'll leave it up to my dad on whether the Ajax name stays.  He's a charming little guy when he's not tormenting our other cats.  It'll be a little sad to see him go but I'm glad we were able to find him a home that's a little more comfortable than our work shop.


Defensive positions.

Danger lurks in the shadows.


  1. "thrilled" eh? Maybe that will be the description for how my kids feel about a pet at grandma and grandpa's.... don't know if it's how mom feels!

    1. Oh, she puts on the same grumpy face as when Hemlo, Hazel, Nicky, or Max came home. But they'll be best of friends!