Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Last Ride

It was looking like Sunday might be my last chance to get out on the sled.  Just to remind everyone, this is my sled:

Look at it.  Look how fast it looks!  Evil Dewar came up to maximize his return on trail permit investment.  I went out to start up the sled and my throttle cable is stuck.  Crap. Moving it back and forth, trying to work it free.  Start up the engine just to get some heat going and then I notice that my exhaust port is leaking.  Double crap.

So I`m thinking my afternoon is shot.  But Andy always travels with a spare sled.  So this was my ride last Sunday.

I`m not going to bag on the sled Andy was kind enough to let me ride on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  But there is a certain level of disappointment when you`re used to cruising at 60 miles per hour and then you find yourself maxing out at 60 kilometers per hour.  And the 503 Cheyenne was not known for its suspension.  My back is still sore.

But it was good to get out.  And you can see how pleased Andy is to be the one leading the trail and having to wait at each intersection for the other one to catch up.

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