Sunday, 2 March 2014

Adventure Time

Evil Dewar returns!  A tough week for Andy as he had the painful decision all pet owner's eventually face and said goodbye to the beloved Booze.  A snowmobile ride and dinner with friends seemed like a good pick-me up idea.

I wanted to try something different and chose a route we hadn't explored yet.  The weather had thankfully warmed up and we hit another rewarding mix of fast farm fields and twisty woods.  About a quarter of the way through our trip we came up to a road, I checked my mirror to make sure Andy was still with me, and then hit a very fast and fun wooded section.  As I came out of the woods, I nailed a fast straight section, and then pulled up to a T in the trail to stop and double-check the map.

I studied the map for a few minutes and then looked around to find I was still alone.  I looked back, no Dewar.  Waited.  Still no Dewar.  What the heck?  Headed back looking for any tracks that headed off the trail.  I was practically back to the road when I saw Andy on the trail with his hood up.  Crap.

I pulled up to see Andy changing his first belt.  This was what was left of his original belt:

We did find some extra hardware in the belly of his engine compartment and found his clutch was no longer bolted down.  Andy, unlike me, is well prepared and has a full tool kit so we got it straightened out pretty quick.  I still had a spare belt so we headed back out on our selected course.

Ten minutes up the trail we hit a part of the trail that was super straight old railway bed.  I pinned the throttle and flew!  Until I heard an unfortunate flapping noise coming from my clutch.  This is what was left of MY belt:

So I'm swapping out my belt and Andy's watching me when he says "We're going to need to find an outhouse".  I look over and kind of laugh, "Sure Andy, there'll be something nearby".  Thirty seconds later Andy informs me there's no time for an outhouse and he's booking it for the woods.  He blazed a trail across waist deep snow and somehow got the job done out in some random patch of woods.  I couldn't have done it.  Watching Andy wade his way through the field of snow back to his snowmobile was a brilliant photo opportunity that I unfortunately missed.  I did manage to capture the scene of the crime though.  Just in case anybody finds themselves there, they will know to watch their step.

With no spare belts between us, we shortened up our planned route and kept the speed a little short of maximum.  The only other incident of note was when I headed into another patch of woods and a golden retriever seemed to burst out of a snowbank right beside me and started barking and chasing me.  Scared the bejeezus out of me.  But we made it back without any other mechanical issues or dog bites.  Definitely our most dramatic trip yet.  But definitely good times.

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