Monday, 31 March 2014

The Look

My siblings and I grew up living in fear of receiving The Look from our father.  It meant, in no uncertain terms, that we had pushed matters to a perilous point and that if our next word or motion was not considered wisely it could very well mean our doom.  My father dispensed The Look with authority and conviction.  We laugh about it now, but it was an unquestionably effective parenting tool.

Yesterday, I decided to try out my own delivery of The Look.  When Paige gets bored at meal time, she's taken to tossing food over the side of her high chair.  Usually, she gets away with one or two then I put my hand up to block and she goes back to munching.  Yesterday started that way but as soon as I pulled my hand away there went another bit of dinner over the side for Rocky to gobble up.  So I put my hand back and she went back to eating.  Pull my hand away, food on the floor.

That's when I set my mouth in a firm grimace, tilted my head menacingly, and raised the one eyebrow.  Paige got The Look.  And she laughed and laughed.  I'm going to need some practice.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

True Detective vs. Hannibal

Recently finished the 8 episode run of the first season of True Detective.  It really is more of a mini-series than a series.  The production values and performances are Oscar caliber.  I'd compare it to Generation Kill in its concentrated scope.  We have a story to tell, it's bigger than can be contained in a 2 hour format, and we want to tell it well.

But it's a grim story.  So grim.  After three episodes, I was wavering on whether I was going to bother with the rest of the season.  Episode 4 locked me in though.  Probably the best action sequence I've seen on a television show.  It was remarkable.  So I carried on with the rest of the season and still have no regrets.  A commendable production.  A tad pretentious and, as I said, grim but a fascinating story about men and obsession.  I can't say I liked any of the characters involved but their story was interesting enough to keep me along for the ride.  And McConaughey's speech near the end had probably more impact on me than the episode 4 action sequence.  Tremendous.

From the first episode, I couldn't help compare True Detective with NBC's Hannibal.  The initial victims in both series had very suspicious similarities.  But the goals of the two productions are worlds apart.  True Detective is trying to say something.  It has a message.  And it can be a little too impressed with itself in how it's delivering that message.  Hannibal isn't there to lecture you.  It's there to entertain.  It is violent and gory but presents it in an artistic vision that is unique on network television.  It is disturbing and beautiful.

Anthony Hopkins was iconic as Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs but where he expressed menace in every word, Mads Mikkelsen does the superior representation of a refined psychopath.  This TV show eclipses any of the cinematic interpretations and even the original novels by Thomas Harris.  It is sad that NBC has this absolute gem in its line-up and has hidden it from audiences on Friday night.  Ratings will kill this show because it is probably the most PVR'd and downloaded show on the networks and nobody watches it when NBC wants them to.  At least I'll have two seasons to enjoy.  I hope they have enough foresight to tie it into the preamble of the Red Dragon story.

So, there's great TV out there.  Boundary pushing, genre defying, storytelling exists.  It's just not available in significant quantities.  Enjoy it where you can find it!


New video selected with 100% reduction of Jen's cleavage shown while maintaining the same level of toddling cuteness.


So, the new neighbour I mentioned a couple weeks ago has become our tenant.  He kept showing up on our deck to sun himself and wait for the inevitable food donation.  No idea if he's a stray or not but we set up a little apartment for him in the shop and I'm pretty sure he stayed the night.  Super affectionate little dude.  I tried resisting.  A lot.  But I'll probably break down and bring him to the vet to at least get him checked out and fixed.  Friggin cats.

Friday, 28 March 2014


"Roads?  Where we're going, we don't need roads!"

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Jen will be getting out of the house more often as she starts participating in shows for her business.  Yesterday we did a trial run with Jen taking off for Burlington for lunch and leaving Daddy in charge for half a day.  The only thing we weren't sure of was how Peanut would do going down for a nap without any breast milk to send her off to dream land.  But everything went pretty well.  We had introduced her to whole milk a couple weeks before and she's taken to it quite well.  We had a lot of fun and when nap time came she fussed quite a bit but she drank her milk and when I couldn't do any more I left her in the crib for a few minutes and she put herself to sleep.  Done and done.  It was a good confidence booster for everybody as we move forward to the days when Jen and her boobs don't have to be available 24/7.

"You have no idea what you're doing, do you?"

Pushing boundaries.

Chaos reigns on Daddy/Daughter Day!


Pop quiz asshole!  Your baby has had a terrible night trying to sleep.  It's five a.m.  Your cats are wailing at the bottom of the stairs, demanding wet food.  Going downstairs to strangle the cats means you will only create more noise on the creaky stairs.  What do you do, hot shot?  What do you do?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014




Bunny Ear Madness

Still not edible.

Ball Pit Madness

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Last Ride

It was looking like Sunday might be my last chance to get out on the sled.  Just to remind everyone, this is my sled:

Look at it.  Look how fast it looks!  Evil Dewar came up to maximize his return on trail permit investment.  I went out to start up the sled and my throttle cable is stuck.  Crap. Moving it back and forth, trying to work it free.  Start up the engine just to get some heat going and then I notice that my exhaust port is leaking.  Double crap.

So I`m thinking my afternoon is shot.  But Andy always travels with a spare sled.  So this was my ride last Sunday.

I`m not going to bag on the sled Andy was kind enough to let me ride on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  But there is a certain level of disappointment when you`re used to cruising at 60 miles per hour and then you find yourself maxing out at 60 kilometers per hour.  And the 503 Cheyenne was not known for its suspension.  My back is still sore.

But it was good to get out.  And you can see how pleased Andy is to be the one leading the trail and having to wait at each intersection for the other one to catch up.

New Neighbour

Timmay greets our new neighbour.

Rocky and Paige saw him off.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Grams & Gramps

We had a great visit from the Ottawa grandparents this weekend.  With Peanut not being the greatest traveller, it was so nice to have her see my folks.  I'm hoping that we can get her new car seat installed after a couple more months and that will let us travel further so that these get togethers can happen a little more frequently.

"What's that?  DON'T break Grandma's thumbs?"

"Come here Grandpa.  I'll show you where the placemats go!"

Soaking up rays with Rocky.  My mom, the cat lady.

Peanut samples her new shirt.

Yes, my mother is one of THOSE people.  Taking pictures with her ginormous iPad.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Walking Tall

Paige took three steps yesterday!  Officially a walker!  Didn't get a picture of the actual event but here's one of her taking her turtle for a walk.

The effort and excitement must have really taken its toll because she fell asleep eating dinner.  Right in her chair.

We let her sleep there for a bit but eventually transferred her to a room.  She ended up having good sleeps throughout the night, waking up only once.  So well rested that she took FIVE steps this morning.  She'll be jogging by Monday!

Friday, 14 March 2014


Our daughter is impossibly cute.  Evidence to support that statement is included below.


Came home the other day and as I was putting away my lunch bag I noticed something different in the dining room.

"Are we missing a couple chairs?" I asked Jen.

"We made a fort!"

Gotta say, I was pretty jealous.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Peanut was spazzing out last night before bath time.  Some pretty crazy moves.  Also, you can see this head bob thing she's been doing lately.  Lil weirdo.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Enter The Cuteness

"Can I come out now?"

Peanut surveys MegaFort 3.0

Pretty in Pink

"Dear lord I hope mommy has the keys."

Good times!

Baby Steps

Paige took her first step!  She loves walking around the kitchen using the cupboards for support and she'll do laps around the main floor holding our hands but yesterday she took her first unassisted step as she wanted to get from the lazyboy to the front entrance.  Won't be long before we've entered a whole new level of hysterically trying to keep her out of trouble!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Giggles and Chompers


Jen put together a ball pit for Paige.  I think it was a bit of an overload for her.  So many baubles!  She seemed a little disappointed that none of them were edible.

The Pit.  Rocky is wary.

Peanut in The Pit.  Red ones confirmed, non-edible.

"I'm taking my balls and I'm going home!"

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Formal Fun

A better look at those chompers!

Peanut's Playhouse!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Looking Good

Paige will never want for outfits.  Our biggest challenge is remembering to take pictures of all of them.

Her new bunny ballerina pj's with adorable ballet slipper feet courtesy of Aunt Andrea. 

Very grown up with her red dress from the Allenses and tights from my sister's friend Allison.

Fort Peanut

Bonus gift from the leather recliner was a large box which Jen has reconfigured to a playhouse!

Sunday, 2 March 2014


"What the heck? This model has nothing to hold on to!"

Adventure Time

Evil Dewar returns!  A tough week for Andy as he had the painful decision all pet owner's eventually face and said goodbye to the beloved Booze.  A snowmobile ride and dinner with friends seemed like a good pick-me up idea.

I wanted to try something different and chose a route we hadn't explored yet.  The weather had thankfully warmed up and we hit another rewarding mix of fast farm fields and twisty woods.  About a quarter of the way through our trip we came up to a road, I checked my mirror to make sure Andy was still with me, and then hit a very fast and fun wooded section.  As I came out of the woods, I nailed a fast straight section, and then pulled up to a T in the trail to stop and double-check the map.

I studied the map for a few minutes and then looked around to find I was still alone.  I looked back, no Dewar.  Waited.  Still no Dewar.  What the heck?  Headed back looking for any tracks that headed off the trail.  I was practically back to the road when I saw Andy on the trail with his hood up.  Crap.

I pulled up to see Andy changing his first belt.  This was what was left of his original belt:

We did find some extra hardware in the belly of his engine compartment and found his clutch was no longer bolted down.  Andy, unlike me, is well prepared and has a full tool kit so we got it straightened out pretty quick.  I still had a spare belt so we headed back out on our selected course.

Ten minutes up the trail we hit a part of the trail that was super straight old railway bed.  I pinned the throttle and flew!  Until I heard an unfortunate flapping noise coming from my clutch.  This is what was left of MY belt:

So I'm swapping out my belt and Andy's watching me when he says "We're going to need to find an outhouse".  I look over and kind of laugh, "Sure Andy, there'll be something nearby".  Thirty seconds later Andy informs me there's no time for an outhouse and he's booking it for the woods.  He blazed a trail across waist deep snow and somehow got the job done out in some random patch of woods.  I couldn't have done it.  Watching Andy wade his way through the field of snow back to his snowmobile was a brilliant photo opportunity that I unfortunately missed.  I did manage to capture the scene of the crime though.  Just in case anybody finds themselves there, they will know to watch their step.

With no spare belts between us, we shortened up our planned route and kept the speed a little short of maximum.  The only other incident of note was when I headed into another patch of woods and a golden retriever seemed to burst out of a snowbank right beside me and started barking and chasing me.  Scared the bejeezus out of me.  But we made it back without any other mechanical issues or dog bites.  Definitely our most dramatic trip yet.  But definitely good times.


We had the Robinsons and Robickles up yesterday to have an early birthday celebration for Grandpa Robinson.

With special guest appearance by Evil Dewar!

Even though the day was supposed to be about Papa Robinson, Grandpa and Grandma brought an early birthday present for Peanut! (beer can donated by Uncle Jody).

Peanut's new chair also proved popular with the furrier members of the household.