Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What's TBone Watching?

Over our weekend of sniffles, we watched a lot of TV.  Many episodes of Arrow and Jen's eyeballs somehow didn't roll entirely out of her head with all the MST3K episodes I watched.  But we did watch a couple movies too.

Escape Plan
It's amazing how much work Sylvester Stallone is getting despite his advancing years and being less and less believable as an action star.  I wasn't hopeful for this outing even with Schwarzenegger having co-starring role.  But I'd actually heard some good reviews so what the heck?

I now know not to trust those reviewers again.  Utterly ridiculous and unenjoyable.  It was painful to watch.  Just such a stupid premise.  Still better than Last Stand though!

Grand Piano
This one was another risky choice.  Watched it on a single recommendation from a podcast.  This premise is probably just as ridiculous as the one put up by Escape Plan but I actually enjoyed this movie.  A unique bit of filmmaking starring Elijah Wood as a concert pianist performing at gunpoint under the scoped gaze of John Cusack.  And Bill S. Preston Esq. from Bill & Ted is in there too!  So bizarre but also quite fun.  Recommended for those looking for something a bit different.

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