Sunday, 2 February 2014

Super Bust

Oh, we had plans for this weekend.  I have written extensively on the wondrousness of an Allenses hosted Super Bowl party.  It is a multimedia event that I have rarely missed.  We were pretty pumped to introduce Paige to the spectacle and also for Jen and Paige to meet up with the peeps after missing out on the Allenses Christmas party.  So Saturday morning we headed out for Niagara!

Paige didn't seem too interested in napping.  No worries.  We were being treated to a Robickle lunch and then Paige would have all afternoon to nap at Grandpa and Grandma's.  Paige didn't think much of that plan.  Maybe 1/2 an hour of total napping that afternoon.

Okay, no problem.  She's only going to be extra tired for sleep Saturday night, right?  Nope.  Eight o'clock and she is bouncing off the walls.  We tried everything but ultimately made the executive decision that the best course of action was to bail on the Super Bowl party and head back home.  

Ten o'clock we are packed up and on the road in the middle of a rain storm.  Rain changed to slush in Hamilton and then snow by the 401.  I've never seen the 401 so deserted.  Traffic must have been backed up east of Highway 6 because there only seemed to be a dozen of us on the whole stretch from 6 to Cambridge.

Took us almost 3 hours to crawl home when it would usually be a 2 hour trip.  The truck was awesome though.  Probably helped having a metric tonne of baby stuff in the back for traction.

So, we're all trying to catch up on sleep today.  The result of our trip was regrettable but we don't regret the attempt.  Paige wasn't ready for an out-of-town sleepover yet but we'll keep trying.  It was worth it just to capture this game of toss the washcloth with Peanut and Grandpa.


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  1. Alice loved this video and we had to watch it numerous times :)