Friday, 21 February 2014

PC Marketing

Just needed to stop into Zehrs on the way home to pick up a few things.  In and out.  Lickety split.  As soon as I get in the entrance I see a problem though.  A woman handing out things to customers.  Ugh.  Just walk by quickly and take the flyer if offered.

It wasn't a flyer but some coupon thing and the lady said "Enter the number for a chance to win" before accosting the person behind me.  Alright, some online survey thing.  Whatever.  I was moving away to get going on my list when I noticed the eight or so kiosks that were set up with touch screen displays.

Oooh, terminals!  Enter the code for a chance to win a $500 gift card.  Okay, I'll play your game.  The list is momentarily forgotten and I tap a screen to begin.

It starts out easy enough.  Enter the code from my handout.  Done.  Now, do I want to receive PC marketing material?  No.  What is my postal code?  Umm, okay, sure I'll enter that.  And I was about to do that when some super happy individual with a PC shirt pops up and takes a look at my screen.

PC: Hey, how's it going?

Me: ... fine.

PC: Yah, you just need to enter your postal code there.

Me: Yah, I see that.

PC: (looks at me) (looks at screen) (looks at me)

Me: Do I need to be supervised in order to fill this out?

PC: No, no. But if you're having a problem I can enter it for you!

Me: No, I'm good.

PC: Okay then, but if you have any problems let me know!

Me: Yah.

Alright, creepy PC guy has moved off and I can get back to my data entry project.  There's my postal code.  My first name?  Sure.  My last name?  Why not.  How about my phone number?  Uhhh, not really loving this little project anymore.

I'm looking at the screen thinking about how much I want a "chance" to win $500 when a SECOND PC guy shows up beside me!

PC2: Hey, how's it going?

Me: Fine.

PC2: Yah, you just need to enter your phone number here.

Me: Yah, I got it.

PC1: Terry! He doesn't want to be supervised!

PC2: Let me just put that number in for you!


I hand the second guy my code and walk away.

PC1: Dang it Terry, I told you!

Unbelievable.  They were like cult members.  And they had me!  I was ready, willing, and able to enter all the personal information they wanted.  Yup, here you go!  But they felt they needed some boots on the ground to put some extra pressure on me.  Madness.  I love the self-checkout at Zehrs but this little bit of drama has really put me off this store.


  1. Very similar thing happened to me at the Superstore self-checkout. Someone appeared out of nowhere and handed me a flyer for PC's No Fee banking and their credit card that gives you more PC points. She asked who I banked with, and when I paused, she craned her head to see the logo on my credit card that I was putting into the machine. She started with her pitch and I waited, saying nothing. It is apparently impossible to understand that the major bank I deal with actually provides me with No Fee banking. I have learned not to argue as it goes faster that way but it's still annoying to have them persist after I say "No thank you" multiple times. In the end she tucked another flyer in my grocery bag so I had two to recycle at the door of the store.

  2. Did you really say that? The part about needing to be supervised? Kudos to you.