Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Had a dream last night.  All of my friends from Deere were getting together for somebody's birthday.  I don't remember who's birthday it was but it was a significant one and we had decided to celebrate at a 5 star restaurant located in the fabulous new resort and casino that had just opened in Milverton.  We had reservations at the restaurant but because the resort was so new, people from out of town couldn't get rooms.  So everybody was staying over at our place.

Everyone gathered at our house before dinner and it was a great time with people laughing, joking, kids playing, and just a generally happy fun time with everyone dressed in formal attire.  Eventually it was time for dinner and people started heading out for the restaurant.  I stayed behind to clean up a bit in the kitchen and walked out to the living room to find James had stayed behind too to help out.  We grabbed our jackets and birthday presents and headed out the door talking about the trip he and Elisa were taking the following week.

I closed the door behind us and woke up.  That's it.  Just a pleasant afternoon with friends.  Aside from a resort and casino being in Milverton, it was completely devoid of nonsense or magical transformations or relocations.  I like this kind of dream.

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