Monday, 10 February 2014


Paige IS getting better but it hasn't been easy.  Friday Jen was getting pretty concerned about how long this had been going on and Paige's sore looking eyes.  I wasn't exactly being ultra-supportive and was dismissing all the symptoms as cold related and that they would eventually go away.  Jen persisted however and eventually phoned up our clinic to see if they could get an appointment.

They had a spot open that afternoon so Jen and Paige were bundling up to head out.  Again, I could barely contain my head shaking and eye-rolling as I helpfully pointed out that "They're just going to tell you it's a cold and send you right back home".

So, turns out Paige has eye and ear infections on top of the cold.

Well.  Aren't I the asshole.

Paige now has eye drops to be administered three times a day and 5mL of icky pink stuff to be administered every 8 hours.  I think I mentioned before that Paige hasn't been able to keep down 1mL of Tylenol or Advil.  We were not looking forward to the icky pink stuff.

And it didn't start out well.  The first couple attempts only resulted in some pink stained onesies.  But with the alternative being the emergency room and getting Paige hooked up to an IV, we had more than enough incentive to keep trying.  And we're down to a pretty good system.  Paige takes a little bit at a time and has taken the full dose over half an hour without incident.  It's not fun for anyone but it gets done.  We have seven more days that we have to do this.

The eye drops are so much worse.  I have to forcibly restrain my child and pry open her eyelids to get these drops in.  All while she is screaming.  As much of a champion I felt like last week soothing her and rocking her to sleep, is how much of a pure evil son-of-a-bitch I feel like this week.  The results were quick though.  Her eyes cleared up within a day and we only have a couple more days to get through with the eye drops.

There are still some coughing fits here and there but they're coming less frequently and she's looking worlds better.  Hopefully all three of us are better by next weekend!

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