Thursday, 27 February 2014

Peanut Being Peanut

Chillin' in the crib.  Three of four chompers visible.

"Bunny slippers are da bomb, yo!"

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Peanut Stuff

A victory drink after another successful broccoli slaughter.

"What DO the kitties find so fascinating about this thing?"

Gold, Jerry. Gold.

Sunday morning 7:00 a.m. watching the Canada/Sweden olympic gold medal game.  Good times.  As much as I like a close Super Bowl game, I prefer my international hockey championships to be dominant and drama-free.  Good job boys!

After the game I was watching the news and it was just a steady stream of crowd shots in and out of bars across the country.  I couldn't help but get a little nostalgic about the days when I would have been part of those crowds, drunk and loud and heading for trouble.  Nostalgic but not in any way regretful.  I smiled to see the group of inebriates who once included me in their ranks but I was happy to watch the game at home with my new crowd of Peanut and Jen.


Had a dream last night.  All of my friends from Deere were getting together for somebody's birthday.  I don't remember who's birthday it was but it was a significant one and we had decided to celebrate at a 5 star restaurant located in the fabulous new resort and casino that had just opened in Milverton.  We had reservations at the restaurant but because the resort was so new, people from out of town couldn't get rooms.  So everybody was staying over at our place.

Everyone gathered at our house before dinner and it was a great time with people laughing, joking, kids playing, and just a generally happy fun time with everyone dressed in formal attire.  Eventually it was time for dinner and people started heading out for the restaurant.  I stayed behind to clean up a bit in the kitchen and walked out to the living room to find James had stayed behind too to help out.  We grabbed our jackets and birthday presents and headed out the door talking about the trip he and Elisa were taking the following week.

I closed the door behind us and woke up.  That's it.  Just a pleasant afternoon with friends.  Aside from a resort and casino being in Milverton, it was completely devoid of nonsense or magical transformations or relocations.  I like this kind of dream.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Peanut Pick-Me-Up

Lil' Bubs is sick again or still.  Not sure.  No red eyes but sniffles and coughing and trouble sleeping.  Still cute as a button though.

Just standing.  On her own.  Looking for something to read.

"I'm a kitty!  Meow!"

Friday, 21 February 2014

PC Marketing

Just needed to stop into Zehrs on the way home to pick up a few things.  In and out.  Lickety split.  As soon as I get in the entrance I see a problem though.  A woman handing out things to customers.  Ugh.  Just walk by quickly and take the flyer if offered.

It wasn't a flyer but some coupon thing and the lady said "Enter the number for a chance to win" before accosting the person behind me.  Alright, some online survey thing.  Whatever.  I was moving away to get going on my list when I noticed the eight or so kiosks that were set up with touch screen displays.

Oooh, terminals!  Enter the code for a chance to win a $500 gift card.  Okay, I'll play your game.  The list is momentarily forgotten and I tap a screen to begin.

It starts out easy enough.  Enter the code from my handout.  Done.  Now, do I want to receive PC marketing material?  No.  What is my postal code?  Umm, okay, sure I'll enter that.  And I was about to do that when some super happy individual with a PC shirt pops up and takes a look at my screen.

PC: Hey, how's it going?

Me: ... fine.

PC: Yah, you just need to enter your postal code there.

Me: Yah, I see that.

PC: (looks at me) (looks at screen) (looks at me)

Me: Do I need to be supervised in order to fill this out?

PC: No, no. But if you're having a problem I can enter it for you!

Me: No, I'm good.

PC: Okay then, but if you have any problems let me know!

Me: Yah.

Alright, creepy PC guy has moved off and I can get back to my data entry project.  There's my postal code.  My first name?  Sure.  My last name?  Why not.  How about my phone number?  Uhhh, not really loving this little project anymore.

I'm looking at the screen thinking about how much I want a "chance" to win $500 when a SECOND PC guy shows up beside me!

PC2: Hey, how's it going?

Me: Fine.

PC2: Yah, you just need to enter your phone number here.

Me: Yah, I got it.

PC1: Terry! He doesn't want to be supervised!

PC2: Let me just put that number in for you!


I hand the second guy my code and walk away.

PC1: Dang it Terry, I told you!

Unbelievable.  They were like cult members.  And they had me!  I was ready, willing, and able to enter all the personal information they wanted.  Yup, here you go!  But they felt they needed some boots on the ground to put some extra pressure on me.  Madness.  I love the self-checkout at Zehrs but this little bit of drama has really put me off this store.

Sweet Ride


Love it!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tea Time

Family Day

The Kitchener cousins came to visit us on Family Day!  Besides having their dad terrify them on my snowmobile they also verified that my wifi was working properly:

Paige was inspired and did her darndest to figure out one of these iPhone gizmos.  She was unsuccessful.

No pictures of Charlie the uber-dog unfortunately.  There was one heart-stopping moment when Shane and Briana left on the snowmobile and Charlie took off after them.  She thankfully returned on her own.  Also not captured was Rocky's quick exit from the room on Charlie's arrival or Timmay's reminder to Charlie not to get too close.  Good times.

Friday, 14 February 2014

My Funny Valentine


That hat.  That smile.

Din dins with her faithful guard cat at her feet (possibly waiting for dropped chicken).

"Nobody puts baby in a corner".  Darn tootin!

Thursday, 13 February 2014


I'm calling it.  Paige has said her first word and I have it recorded!  You can CLEARLY hear her say "Dada!".  Boom!  Jen will have several prepared arguments on how much easier it is for babies to make a "Duh" sound than a "Muh" sound.  My response to which is "Whatever!".

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Last day for eye drops!  Hooray!

What's TBone Watching?

Over our weekend of sniffles, we watched a lot of TV.  Many episodes of Arrow and Jen's eyeballs somehow didn't roll entirely out of her head with all the MST3K episodes I watched.  But we did watch a couple movies too.

Escape Plan
It's amazing how much work Sylvester Stallone is getting despite his advancing years and being less and less believable as an action star.  I wasn't hopeful for this outing even with Schwarzenegger having co-starring role.  But I'd actually heard some good reviews so what the heck?

I now know not to trust those reviewers again.  Utterly ridiculous and unenjoyable.  It was painful to watch.  Just such a stupid premise.  Still better than Last Stand though!

Grand Piano
This one was another risky choice.  Watched it on a single recommendation from a podcast.  This premise is probably just as ridiculous as the one put up by Escape Plan but I actually enjoyed this movie.  A unique bit of filmmaking starring Elijah Wood as a concert pianist performing at gunpoint under the scoped gaze of John Cusack.  And Bill S. Preston Esq. from Bill & Ted is in there too!  So bizarre but also quite fun.  Recommended for those looking for something a bit different.

Monday, 10 February 2014


Paige IS getting better but it hasn't been easy.  Friday Jen was getting pretty concerned about how long this had been going on and Paige's sore looking eyes.  I wasn't exactly being ultra-supportive and was dismissing all the symptoms as cold related and that they would eventually go away.  Jen persisted however and eventually phoned up our clinic to see if they could get an appointment.

They had a spot open that afternoon so Jen and Paige were bundling up to head out.  Again, I could barely contain my head shaking and eye-rolling as I helpfully pointed out that "They're just going to tell you it's a cold and send you right back home".

So, turns out Paige has eye and ear infections on top of the cold.

Well.  Aren't I the asshole.

Paige now has eye drops to be administered three times a day and 5mL of icky pink stuff to be administered every 8 hours.  I think I mentioned before that Paige hasn't been able to keep down 1mL of Tylenol or Advil.  We were not looking forward to the icky pink stuff.

And it didn't start out well.  The first couple attempts only resulted in some pink stained onesies.  But with the alternative being the emergency room and getting Paige hooked up to an IV, we had more than enough incentive to keep trying.  And we're down to a pretty good system.  Paige takes a little bit at a time and has taken the full dose over half an hour without incident.  It's not fun for anyone but it gets done.  We have seven more days that we have to do this.

The eye drops are so much worse.  I have to forcibly restrain my child and pry open her eyelids to get these drops in.  All while she is screaming.  As much of a champion I felt like last week soothing her and rocking her to sleep, is how much of a pure evil son-of-a-bitch I feel like this week.  The results were quick though.  Her eyes cleared up within a day and we only have a couple more days to get through with the eye drops.

There are still some coughing fits here and there but they're coming less frequently and she's looking worlds better.  Hopefully all three of us are better by next weekend!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Man's Land

Found myself in the witchcraft aisle of the grocery store the other day.  Absolutely fascinating.


Yesterday I would have said Paige had turned the corner but her hour long coughing fit this morning said otherwise.  Oh bubs.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


So, it turns out that Paige wasn't just being super antsy about travelling to Niagara on Saturday.  She was coming down with her first cold.  We were playing Sunday morning and she let out a hoarse cough and immediately burst into tears.  It went downhill from there.  Her teething only aggravated the situation.  And to top it off we couldn't get her to take any tylenol or motrin without her throwing it back up.

We hoped that some solid sleep would help Sunday night.  Jen woke me up at midnight to inform me that Paige now had a fever too.  We spent half an hour with telehealth to run through symptoms and ended up with some instructions to try a humidifier and advil.

We went back to bed and when I woke up at 6:00 Paige was crying again.  I went in to try and soothe her and give Jen a break.  We sat in the rocking chair and she snuggled right into my chest and went to sleep.  Right there I felt like the most important person in the entire world.

We did get the humidifier and the advil and, thankfully, she was able to keep the advil down.  Her fever came back down and by last night she could cough without freaking out.  Hopefully another day or two of rest and she'll be back to chasing the cats around the house.

Monday, 3 February 2014

"Super" Bowl

Wow, what a turd-fest.  Right after that first snap sailed past Peyton Manning's head, he should have walked over to the Seattle sidelines, shook Russel Wilson's hand, and walked out of the stadium.  It just wasn't Denver's day.  At all.

I don't begrudge Seattle the win, there is no argument they were the best team in the league this year, but I've always been a Peyton fan and one more super bowl ring would have locked up his legacy.  The loss certainly wasn't all his fault but the deep play just never clicked for him.

So the game wasn't worth watching, how about those legendary super bowl commercials?  Terrible.  My big take away is that General Motors is really into facilitating cow sex.  I've never been happier to own a Ford.  I'm positive there was a time when these commercials were actually funny but I can't for the life of me remember when.

We did redeem the day a bit with some super bowl worthy grub but it couldn't keep the whole Superbowl XLVIII experience from being labelled as "disappointing".  Fingers crossed for next year!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Super Bust

Oh, we had plans for this weekend.  I have written extensively on the wondrousness of an Allenses hosted Super Bowl party.  It is a multimedia event that I have rarely missed.  We were pretty pumped to introduce Paige to the spectacle and also for Jen and Paige to meet up with the peeps after missing out on the Allenses Christmas party.  So Saturday morning we headed out for Niagara!

Paige didn't seem too interested in napping.  No worries.  We were being treated to a Robickle lunch and then Paige would have all afternoon to nap at Grandpa and Grandma's.  Paige didn't think much of that plan.  Maybe 1/2 an hour of total napping that afternoon.

Okay, no problem.  She's only going to be extra tired for sleep Saturday night, right?  Nope.  Eight o'clock and she is bouncing off the walls.  We tried everything but ultimately made the executive decision that the best course of action was to bail on the Super Bowl party and head back home.  

Ten o'clock we are packed up and on the road in the middle of a rain storm.  Rain changed to slush in Hamilton and then snow by the 401.  I've never seen the 401 so deserted.  Traffic must have been backed up east of Highway 6 because there only seemed to be a dozen of us on the whole stretch from 6 to Cambridge.

Took us almost 3 hours to crawl home when it would usually be a 2 hour trip.  The truck was awesome though.  Probably helped having a metric tonne of baby stuff in the back for traction.

So, we're all trying to catch up on sleep today.  The result of our trip was regrettable but we don't regret the attempt.  Paige wasn't ready for an out-of-town sleepover yet but we'll keep trying.  It was worth it just to capture this game of toss the washcloth with Peanut and Grandpa.