Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What's TBone Watching?

Life without cable hasn't been bad at all.  There's a couple shows we miss but torrents and netflix have filled the void nicely.  Thought I'd recap what we're watching in between diaper changes.

Sherlock is back!  The frustratingly infrequent BBC production has started airing their third season.  Inventive and beautiful.  I can't think of anything better on TV right now.

I initially thought there could be only one decent, modern interpretation of the Sherlock Holmes character.  I had great disdain for the American series Elementary when it came out last year.  A clear capitalization on the success of the BBC series with the stunt casting of Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson.  But there's a long stretch between those short Sherlock seasons so I eventually broke down and gave it a try.  And I was surprised to find I actually liked it.  Very clever writing and enjoyable reworking of the Holmes story.

Science fiction rarely works on TV.  The budgets necessary to sustain any series set in the future or in space don't usually match up with the niche demographic that would find those stories appealing.  See Firefly.  That's why I'm really hoping that Almost Human finds an audience beyond that niche.  What initially looked cheezy, I've found to have interesting concepts about society in the future and, again, some really intelligent writing.  Big fan of the leads in this series too.

Sleepy Hollow is probably the most bizarre thing on television.  I shouldn't like it.  But I can't stop watching it.  Utterly ridiculous but impossible to turn away from.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I'm trying.  I really am.  But this has to be Whedon's weakest television effort.  I'll give it the season but I'm not holding out much hope.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is the funniest show on TV.  Reminds me of the tragically short-lived series The Unusuals.  Not a huge fan of Andy Samberg but he anchors a great cast that consistently gets me to laugh out loud.

And Arrow.  Yah, Arrow.  We've found ourselves rolling through this cheezball CW production based on the DC comic book hero, Green Arrow.  I never would have started if I hadn't read so many reviews claiming the second season is really paying off.  We're halfway through the first season and the fight choreography is actually really good and I'm being drawn into the story but there's just so much CW-type melodrama to really give it a thumbs up.  Jen likes his abs though.


  1. Mad Men sucks. The writers of show thinks its a big deal that they drink and smoke at work. Its clear to me that they have never been to to a CRA football game.

  2. I was so excited for SHEILD and I dropped it off my viewing radar a while ago. So sad! I love me some Agent Coulson.

    Almost Human - I'm going to assume the US remake?

    Justified started last night and I love that show. I'm hoping that even with Elmore Leonard's passing they can keep up the quality.

    1. Almost Human is a remake? I thought it was a J.J. Abrams original? Or are you thinking of Being Human? Which I have just googled and not actually seen.

      I'm a couple seasons behind on Justified. Been meaning to catch up. The ex-wife character was really getting on my nerves in season 2.

  3. Oh, yes! Sorry - that is a different show. Perhaps I will check it out, now. Are there a lot of lens flares?

    The ex wife character is slightly annoying, yes, but the actress who plays her has a full time gig on another show so her presence decreases.

    I was adamant that Walt Goggins was robbed of his Best Supporting Actor Emmy until I watched Game of Thrones and saw what Peter Dinklage did. If you've not tried GoT, I'd suggest it as well.