Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Great Scotch Egg Experiment

We've been talking about eggs a lot at work.  I mean A LOT.  For some reason we've been very interested in determining the perfect way to hard boil an egg.  Experiments were performed, reports written, results presented, and all of it peer reviewed.  We did find the perfect hard boiled egg method but the tangential topic of the Scotch Egg also came up.

One of the guys is a big fan of the Scotch Egg.  Grinds his own sausage, the whole bit.  I'd heard of these things but it never really appealed to me.  Until I did a google image search and found a version of the Scotch Egg that is bacon wrapped and smoked on the barbecue instead of deep fried.  THAT I could get in to.

And what better day to try this on than what could be the greatest day of football ever?!?  Here's how it played out:

The Plank

The first thing I needed for this little experiment is a cedar plank.  Normally, I'd get one of those planks from the fish section in the grocery store.  But one of the guys at work said he just gets a full length of cedar lumber from Home Depot for the same price as the foot long section from the grocery store.  A quick verification that cedar lumber isn't treated with anything toxic and I was off to Home Depot.

Fun Fact: The Honda Fit is more than capable of transporting 8 foot lumber!

Once home, just had to cut off a length and get it soaking overnight.

Cool bubbles escaping from the plank:

The Eggs

So, the secret to a perfect hard boiled egg is to poke a hole in the blunt end of the egg, boil for 10 minutes with a couple teaspoons of baking soda, and then immediately chill.  For this experiment I dialed back the boil time to 6 minutes because I figured there'd be some additional cooking in the barbecue.

The Sausage

The grocery store in town makes some phenomenal garlic sausage.  Easy choice.  

The Process

First step, skin the sausage.

Then form into super thin patties.

I decided to try one with a slice of provolone cheese.

Now pop those eggs in the middle.

And wrap.

Now the bacon.  One strip lengthwise and then two more slices around.

Ready for cooking!

Except the weather was not cooperating.  

Could not keep the barbecue lit.  So much for the cedar plank.  On to the oven.

30 minutes at 400 degrees and another 10 minutes at 425 and there we have it!

The first cut revealed that I shouldn't have worried about overcooking the egg.

The Verdict

Yah, not so much.  I love all the ingredients on their own but this is a rare case where the whole is much less than the sum of the parts.  I should love these things but it definitely missed the mark.  I don't think barbecuing would have improved anything either.  Very disappointed.  Ah well, I'm sure there's some other meat wrapped in meat recipe out there that will satisfy me.  Just gotta keep searching.

Here's hoping that my expectations for today's football games aren't met with similarly disappointing results.  Go Seahawks!  Go Broncos!


  1. best meat wrapped meat stuufed with more meat potatoy cheesy goodness...might make for super bowl

  2. How about those pastry meat thingies from before - they were TASTY.

    Also, apparently I can comment again. Yay?

  3. Hilarious. And to think you could have had a lovely breakfast in twenty minutes if you cooked them separately:)