Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Snow Day II

All of Perth County was closed down this morning.  The weather was fine but crews were working to clear some significant drifts around the region.  That's cool.  I'll stay home.

I actually got it in my head to snowmobile into work.  Laid out my route on-line and printed off the map.  I dug out the snowmobile, got it started, suited up, and headed out.  I imagined pristine trails covered in fluffy, fresh powder, with gigantic drifts to take jumps off of.  What I got was some concrete-like washboard interspersed with bare patches of farm field.  It was brutal.

I only lasted a couple kilometers before turning back.  It would have taken me hours to get to New Hamburg and it probably would have destroyed my back.  So Paige and I have been enjoying a rare play day instead.  Suits me just fine.

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