Friday, 31 January 2014

Peanut Popper

"You're quiet now... but your random popping has startled me before and I am wary."

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Sometimes work isn't so bad.  Been doing a lot of analysis this week.  This is a 500lb slug of steel hitting a sheetmetal canopy at 40 km/h.  Pretty colours.

Mom Rules?

Jen's favourite of Paige's outfits.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Step By Step

Paige has found the laundry basket to be a great walking support.  She'll go from the dining room across the whole living room AND execute a right turn to head for the front entrance.  Little goober.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Peanut Profiles

"Suck it, Leafs!"

Time to celebrate the Jets win

Just need a bottle opener.

Play time.

"How do you do a G chord on this thing?"

Zoom Zoom

Great day for a ride yesterday.  Bit of fresh snow and the temperatures had finally risen a bit.  A special guest appearance by Evil Dewar meant I wouldn't have to ride alone.  We wandered up to Conestogo Lake and once again I am really impressed with the trail system here in Southern Ontario.  Yah, there's a lot of farm fields but they are nicely broken up by some wooded sections and once we got to the Conestogo area it was mostly woods.

It was a great run and more than enough justification for holding on to this snowmobile for all these years.  Dewar seemed pleased as well, having to justify not only his sled but also an epic trailer, and some never before used gear.  He wasn't too impressed with the heated visor on his helmet.  It actually seemed to be impeding his visibility as the ride progressed.  Then he discovered the sheet of plastic that hadn't been removed from the visor yet.  Once removed he found his ride much more enjoyable.

A great day.  Can't wait for the next ride!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Random Peanuting

Loves the stove.

Helping Mommy clean the fridge.

Stair Master

The very next day after Lil Miss mastered the first step on the front staircase, she was then seen climbing all the way to the first landing.  Emergency gating procedures were developed and put in place but she wants those stairs still.  Sunday night she was doing chin-ups on the living room gate trying to climb over to get to the stairs.  She has no concept of pacing.  Jeepers.

Monday, 20 January 2014


Well, that was glorious.  The Seattle/San Fran game was a little too close for my liking but it was almost exactly the outcome I was hoping for.  The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if Kaepernick had broken loose for a run and then been pushed out of bounds right into Harbaugh resulting in tragic injuries for both individuals, Kaepernick's biceps mangled to the point where they were unkissable and Harbaugh left without the ability to speak.

Ah well, maybe next year.

And the Broncos efficiently handled the Patriots, sending poor Mr. Brady off to wipe his tears with the millions of dollars he probably sleeps on.  Very excited to see what Manning can do against Seattle without home field advantage for either team.  Manning's passes didn't exactly look crisp but then Russell Wilson looked like he was running scared most of his game.  Very interesting.  Looking forward to the Superbowl and really pulling for Manning to get his second ring.  Must be awkward at Manning family get togethers when Eli pulls out his two rings and starts polishing them.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Great Scotch Egg Experiment

We've been talking about eggs a lot at work.  I mean A LOT.  For some reason we've been very interested in determining the perfect way to hard boil an egg.  Experiments were performed, reports written, results presented, and all of it peer reviewed.  We did find the perfect hard boiled egg method but the tangential topic of the Scotch Egg also came up.

One of the guys is a big fan of the Scotch Egg.  Grinds his own sausage, the whole bit.  I'd heard of these things but it never really appealed to me.  Until I did a google image search and found a version of the Scotch Egg that is bacon wrapped and smoked on the barbecue instead of deep fried.  THAT I could get in to.

And what better day to try this on than what could be the greatest day of football ever?!?  Here's how it played out:

The Plank

The first thing I needed for this little experiment is a cedar plank.  Normally, I'd get one of those planks from the fish section in the grocery store.  But one of the guys at work said he just gets a full length of cedar lumber from Home Depot for the same price as the foot long section from the grocery store.  A quick verification that cedar lumber isn't treated with anything toxic and I was off to Home Depot.

Fun Fact: The Honda Fit is more than capable of transporting 8 foot lumber!

Once home, just had to cut off a length and get it soaking overnight.

Cool bubbles escaping from the plank:

The Eggs

So, the secret to a perfect hard boiled egg is to poke a hole in the blunt end of the egg, boil for 10 minutes with a couple teaspoons of baking soda, and then immediately chill.  For this experiment I dialed back the boil time to 6 minutes because I figured there'd be some additional cooking in the barbecue.

The Sausage

The grocery store in town makes some phenomenal garlic sausage.  Easy choice.  

The Process

First step, skin the sausage.

Then form into super thin patties.

I decided to try one with a slice of provolone cheese.

Now pop those eggs in the middle.

And wrap.

Now the bacon.  One strip lengthwise and then two more slices around.

Ready for cooking!

Except the weather was not cooperating.  

Could not keep the barbecue lit.  So much for the cedar plank.  On to the oven.

30 minutes at 400 degrees and another 10 minutes at 425 and there we have it!

The first cut revealed that I shouldn't have worried about overcooking the egg.

The Verdict

Yah, not so much.  I love all the ingredients on their own but this is a rare case where the whole is much less than the sum of the parts.  I should love these things but it definitely missed the mark.  I don't think barbecuing would have improved anything either.  Very disappointed.  Ah well, I'm sure there's some other meat wrapped in meat recipe out there that will satisfy me.  Just gotta keep searching.

Here's hoping that my expectations for today's football games aren't met with similarly disappointing results.  Go Seahawks!  Go Broncos!

Thursday, 16 January 2014


"Dude, you have GOT to try this turtle bong."

Umm, what are you doing?

Paige was crawling around yesterday while Jen was doing some work on the laptop.  Hearing some books hit the floor in the front foyer, Jen looked up to see this little scene.  Yes, Paige has somehow learned to climb the first step of the staircase.  Yikes.  The lower stairs don't really lend themselves to a gate installation so I guess we'll be looking at putting up some fencing.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Let the sun shine in!

Reading time.

The Littlest Ewok?

Friday, 10 January 2014


One of the many cute ensembles Paige got for Christmas.  This one was from my Aunt and Uncle.  Love the bow tie!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Snow Day II

All of Perth County was closed down this morning.  The weather was fine but crews were working to clear some significant drifts around the region.  That's cool.  I'll stay home.

I actually got it in my head to snowmobile into work.  Laid out my route on-line and printed off the map.  I dug out the snowmobile, got it started, suited up, and headed out.  I imagined pristine trails covered in fluffy, fresh powder, with gigantic drifts to take jumps off of.  What I got was some concrete-like washboard interspersed with bare patches of farm field.  It was brutal.

I only lasted a couple kilometers before turning back.  It would have taken me hours to get to New Hamburg and it probably would have destroyed my back.  So Paige and I have been enjoying a rare play day instead.  Suits me just fine.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What's TBone Watching?

Life without cable hasn't been bad at all.  There's a couple shows we miss but torrents and netflix have filled the void nicely.  Thought I'd recap what we're watching in between diaper changes.

Sherlock is back!  The frustratingly infrequent BBC production has started airing their third season.  Inventive and beautiful.  I can't think of anything better on TV right now.

I initially thought there could be only one decent, modern interpretation of the Sherlock Holmes character.  I had great disdain for the American series Elementary when it came out last year.  A clear capitalization on the success of the BBC series with the stunt casting of Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson.  But there's a long stretch between those short Sherlock seasons so I eventually broke down and gave it a try.  And I was surprised to find I actually liked it.  Very clever writing and enjoyable reworking of the Holmes story.

Science fiction rarely works on TV.  The budgets necessary to sustain any series set in the future or in space don't usually match up with the niche demographic that would find those stories appealing.  See Firefly.  That's why I'm really hoping that Almost Human finds an audience beyond that niche.  What initially looked cheezy, I've found to have interesting concepts about society in the future and, again, some really intelligent writing.  Big fan of the leads in this series too.

Sleepy Hollow is probably the most bizarre thing on television.  I shouldn't like it.  But I can't stop watching it.  Utterly ridiculous but impossible to turn away from.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I'm trying.  I really am.  But this has to be Whedon's weakest television effort.  I'll give it the season but I'm not holding out much hope.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is the funniest show on TV.  Reminds me of the tragically short-lived series The Unusuals.  Not a huge fan of Andy Samberg but he anchors a great cast that consistently gets me to laugh out loud.

And Arrow.  Yah, Arrow.  We've found ourselves rolling through this cheezball CW production based on the DC comic book hero, Green Arrow.  I never would have started if I hadn't read so many reviews claiming the second season is really paying off.  We're halfway through the first season and the fight choreography is actually really good and I'm being drawn into the story but there's just so much CW-type melodrama to really give it a thumbs up.  Jen likes his abs though.

Snow Day!

Man, I can't remember the last time I missed work because of the weather.  We're in the middle of a blizzard at the moment.  Didn't seem that bad last night or even this morning.  Yah it was windy but the snow accumulation seemed negligible.  So, I got ready for work like normal, stepped outside into some bitter cold, started up a reluctant Fit, and headed up the street.  Some drifting but nothing like yesterday.  Got on the highway heading south and then found I couldn't see past my bumper.

That's not good.  But I rode it out.  It cleared up and I carried on.  And then another white out.  And another.  And then I was looking at a semi in my lane facing the wrong way and stuck in a giant drift that went up to its headlights.  Yah, that was enough.  I'd only gone a couple kilometers out of town and it was way more than I was willing to deal with for a job that I'm not overly fond of in the first place.

Turned around and headed back.  Enjoying the warmth and comfort of home.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Cutesie Pie

Love that jacket.

"I have become Froggie!  Kookookachoo!"

Out for a ride in her present from Santa with her rebel toque from Aunt Andrea.

Sleigh Ride

Figures, last day of vacation and we finally get some decent snow.  After a summer of neglect it was nice to get the sled out and get it started though.  No issues, started right up.  It's really been a reliable engine given the little maintenance I do on it.

Couldn't resist taking it out for a spin.  The trails are only a couple blocks from the house and it was quite nostalgic to drive right out of my back yard, down the street a bit, and then zoom off.  I didn't go far but what I saw of the trail system was quite promising.  The local club was well prepared for this snowfall.  Directions, informational signage, mile markers.  Lots of farm fields to open up the throttle and I was pleasantly surprised to find some wooded areas that are my preferred trail types.

Another mark in the win column for moving out to Milverton!

Friday, 3 January 2014


We've been trying to get Paige used to a sippy cup with varying success.  My sister suggested using a straw to get her used to drawing the milk up from the cup.  The results were the exact opposite of what we wanted but entertaining none the less.

On The Shelf

"ELF on the shelf?  Kiss my furry white ass!"

Lil Chomper

Finally got a shot of the Paige's two little chompers.  She's quite proud of them.

The Cleaning Gene

You can definitely tell whose daughter this is.


Oh right!  Happy New Year!  Not a lot of time for posting when there's so much nothing to do over this exceptionally relaxed holiday break.  2013 is going to be hard to top but we're pretty excited to see what 2014 has in store for us.  Jen will be diving into her new business, Paige will be turning 1 years old, and I will continue to try and not lose my shit at work.  Bring it on 2014!