Friday, 6 December 2013

Super Mom

Bit of drama yesterday.  I was in Cambridge for a doctor's appointment and I noticed Jen had called me while I was with the doctor.  I get back out to the car and call her up.  Jen had gone outside to clean the truck and when she went to go back inside she found the door was locked.  Paige was inside, in her crib, having a nap but as soon as Jen tried the door, she woke up.  Jen had the monitor with her and it has two-way voice so she was trying to calm Paige down with the monitor while youtubing how to pick locks with her phone.

I'm an hour away.  Not good.  I tell Jen the weak point for getting into the house is the front door (should I be saying this on the internet?). The latch barely engages and the deadbolt seemed fairly flimsy.  So I told Jen to not worry about any damage and give it a shove.  In the meantime I gave the wee Fit as much gas as she'd take and peeled away from the doctor's office.

Within minutes I got a message that Jen was in the house and Paige was fine.  Such relief.  It was a much calmer drive home than I was expecting.  But I was curious what the aftermath of Jen's B&E would look like.

I got home and saw that the front door looked intact from the outside.  I entered a quiet house and looked at the front entrance to see the trim that was beside the door standing in the corner and the receiving half of the dead bolt sitting on the floor.  Everything else looked fine.

Jen was upstairs putting Paige down for another nap and when she came down I congratulated her on her door busting efforts.  I asked her if she put her shoulder into it or if she kicked it down like in a buddy cop movie.  And she actually kicked it!  I didn't ask but I can only assume she also screamed "I'M COMING FOR YOU BABY!" as she put the boot to the door.

So we have a bit of repair work this weekend and definitely going to reinforce that deadbolt mount.  The spare key has been hidden outside to avoid future incidents.  It was a stressful moment for everybody but I'm so proud of my kung-fu kicking wife for doing what needed to be done.


  1. "Jen had gone outside to clean the truck"
    Most Jen thing, ever.

    Nice job, SuperMomJennay!

  2. This is the second time Jennay has needed to breach a door. People laughed at me wanting a battering ram.

  3. I do wonder how you locked self out...