Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fix it

I was pretty disappointed with myself that I couldn't fix the furnace on my own.  Turns out that there wasn't anything I could have done short of rigging up the barbecue propane tank to the furnace.  But I had some unresolved handyman frustration that needed to be vented.

The washing machine had been acting up recently.  Every so often the machine would lock up on the final rinse cycle and would just sit there with the door locked and three of the panel lights on.  Turning it off and running a rinse cycle would solve the problem but it was annoying and starting to happen more frequently.

A google search of the light sequence that was showing indicated a clogged water pump filter could be the culprit.  A washing machine is something I've never taken apart and I didn't even know there was a filter there to service.  I popped off the lower access panel and there was the filter cartridge just like google said there was.  There was also a ziploc baggie taped to the backside of the access panel with a troubleshooting guide and the code breakdown for any light sequences that show up indicating a fault.  Why the hell do they hide this very important document on the inside of the machine?

I opened up the filter and this is what I found:

  • 46 cents in spare change
  • 2 pounds of soggy wet lint
  • An allen key
  • TWO of Paige's socks
It was all quite gross.  But very educational in explaining why the machine was having trouble draining.  It was satisfying to get something fixed yesterday.

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  1. Guess what I found in my washing machine? A pair of broken scissors. They didn't make it to the filter but were in the rubber seal around the washing machine door. So yeah, the seal is now not a "seal" and water gushes out of the washing machine during filling and spinning. It's on my list of things to do to replace that seal. Sigh...