Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Turns out the gauge on our propane tank is a little shy of accurate.  Jen messaged me yesterday and said the furnace wasn't working and the house was getting cold.  I went home to check it out and was stumped.  Propane tank said it was full and I could see the ignitor was working in the furnace.  So, time to call in a professional.

And that's where I ran into my first regret about moving to Milverton.  Getting somebody out for a service call in Kitchener was a simple thing.  Things get more complicated in the boonies.  My first call was to the closest service guy possible.  I got voice mail for what seemed to be a dual purpose business/personal number.  Never heard back from him.  Great, the only local resource is also unreliable.

Looking in Listowel, there seemed to be a larger enterprise offering emergency service.  A larger enterprise that still doesn't have somebody available to answer phones.  Left a message.

Now I'm looking in Stratford.  Phoned up a province wide service that was listed and was actually talking to a real person.  I was hopeful I could actually get somebody booked at that point.  Unfortunately I was put on hold, disconnected from the helpful person and then reconnected with somebody who had a passing familiarity with the English language.  A very frustrating conversation followed and ended with the rep saying she would have to call me back to see if they could send somebody to Milverton.

At that point, there wasn't much left for me to do.  We had the baseboard heaters going so I went back into work.  On the way back I got a call from the Listowel place.  They would send somebody right out.  Fantastic.  Such a relief.

When I got back to work and was explaining the situation to my coworkers and they started raising questions about the longevity of the propane in my tank.  That got me wondering too so I called up the company that was listed on the side of the tank.  They told me the fill history of the previous owners and, considering they were supplementing with a wood stove, the timing seemed to jibe that we would now have an empty tank.  I scheduled a fill for as soon as possible which should be today some time.

Jen messaged that the furnace guy showed up, did all his checks, and agreed that we were probably out of propane because everything on the furnace looked tip-top.

It was a relief that there was nothing mechanically wrong with the furnace but still a little peeved at the faulty gauge on the propane tank.  So the house was a little chilly last night but we definitely could have made this discovery at worse times in the year.  We're set up to automatically get propane filled now so this should be the last time we run into this little issue.

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