Friday, 6 December 2013


I have a well documented list of stores I hate shopping at.  Walmart, Ikea, Costco.  It's the unholy trinity of shopping fury.  But as much as I hate being in those stores, I can say, for the most part, that they can process your purchases at a reasonable rate at checkout.  It's the exact opposite experience in a Chapters store.

Remember Chapters?  It's a book store.  Remember books?  Anyways, I do like to wander around this store.  I don't read as much as I used to but it's THE go to place for stocking stuffers.  It's a great store but their checkout experience is consistently the worst in retail.

They are slow.  There is way too much conversation involved for this simple business transaction I want to engage in.  I have to listen to a spiel about rewards and memberships.  And then all the little comments about each and every purchase.  Each comment is met with an eyebrow raise which is the universal sign of "yah, yah, let's move it along" but seems to have no power in the world of Chapters.

But that's only when I actually make it to a cashier.  Before that I have to watch other Chapter's customers go through the same process.  And the majority of these customers are a lot more willing to engage in conversation with strangers than I am.  And, if I can generalize for a moment, book readers aren't the most technologically advanced collection of people in the world.  Whether it was credit or debit card, each of the six people in front of me engaged in an epic struggle to pay for their merchandise.  I was shaking with frustration by the time I finally made it to the cash.

I appreciate that Chapters has created a warm and welcoming environment as a refuge for a dying breed but, dear lord, this is why Amazon has taken over the modern world of book sales.


  1. Ikea, should be on your list. I went to Ikea with Alice yesterday and it took over 20 mintues to get to the cash. Now I am not upset about waiting to get the cashier during Christmas time. However, couple in front of me needed a kick in the ass for being stupid. It wasn't enough that they took there time given the cashier the items they were buying or aruging about price for about five to ten things they were buying. Those two thing just got me to the redline. It was when the couple where ready to pay and had there credit card out that they decedied it was a good time to take five mintues to text somebody (NOT KIDDY) and having the cashier lip to me that she was sorry. Luckly, I had Alice there to keep me from MIke Tyson Punching out these people. Afterwards I told Alice that Mom hates shopping here

    1. Holy crap, I've just been out-ranted! Well done Morgan.