Monday, 9 December 2013


I love doing plumbing and electrical work on a house.  There's just some basic joy I get from connecting circuits and making sure things get from one spot to another.

On the plumbing side I especially like soldering.  Watching the solder melt and seep into the joint seems like a bit of magic every time it happens.  Plus, wielding the propane torch makes me feel like a big man.  I'm leery of adopting sharkbite fittings or even the pre-soldered fittings because they rob me of some of that magic.

But, no matter how many times I've done it, each time I cut into a copper pipe there's a flash of panic as I think to myself "Jesus, I hope I can get this all fixed again".  That panic is heightened now that I live in a town with a small home hardware that doesn't stock a wide variety of fittings and isn't open on Sundays.

But I fixed a leak and my soldering looks like it's holding.  There was only one unplanned trip to the hardware store and they did have the fitting I needed.  All in all, a win.  But I'll still be nervous the next time I put the pipe cutter up to the copper.

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