Friday, 1 November 2013


Paige's first Halloween!  Our first Halloween in Milverton!  For the first time in a long time, I was actually looking forward to handing out candy.  We really didn't know what to expect for traffic in our new neighbourhoud.  Our street in Kitchener was a zoo and you basically stood at the door and threw candy at the stream of kids going by.  I expected things were going to be a little quieter in Milverton so I only bought a couple bags of candy and figured we might have a few left over for mom and dad out of the 140 pieces.

Twelve kids showed up last night.  Twelve.  Yah, Halloween not such a big deal in Milverton.  Jen had to run to the store quick around 6:00 and she said there was nobody out on the streets and 90% of the houses were dark.  We're not sure but we suspect the Mennonite population aren't big fans of the Halloween traditions.

When it became obvious that supply wasn't going to be an issue the kids were overjoyed that I was letting them take handfuls of chocolate bars out of our candy bucket.  And, despite the weather, it looked like the parents that were out were having fun too.

And because of the weather and the fact that she really doesn't know what's going on, we didn't take Paige out trick or treating.  We did get her dressed up in all 3 outfits that she had ready to go.  Next year, she'll have a blast.


  1. is Paige standing on her own there?

    1. Jen took that picture while I was at work and I freaked when I saw it. SHE'S STANDING!!! But she's getting some assistance from the back of the lazboy.