Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dump Run

Had my first visit to the Perth East landfill facility.  "Facility" is probably too fancy a term.  What we have here is a big mound of dirt and a little Mennonite dude (LMD) in a shack directing people to which side of the mound of dirt to dump their trash on.

We were definitely spoiled in Kitchener.  THAT was a facility.  Drive up bins, hazardous waste drop offs, oil recycling, and proper scales.  The Perth East approach is a little more rural.  The LMD takes a gander at what you're dropping off and then guesstimates a charge.  They don't charge much, which is good, but as I was slopping through the mud to dump my load on the dirt pile I couldn't help but remember fondly the paved surfaces and segregated bins of the K-W landfill.  I wonder what my landfill designing little sister would make of this place.


  1. That's like most of the landfills we monitor. Not surprising. Bears make it more fun though.

  2. Does being a parent (and thus, dealing with poop-filled diapers) make you immune to poop jokes, or does it make poop jokes less funny? Because..."dump my load"... heh. Poop joke.