Thursday, 31 October 2013


We signed up for NHL Game Center at the start of the season.  It gives us the ability to watch every single NHL game.  We never have to miss a Jets or Senators game.  And we have actually watched most of them so far.  What that means is we've watched quite a bit of shitty hockey this year.  Winnipeg doesn't seem to have made too many improvements over the off-season and they are the same middling hockey team they were last year and the year before.  A .500 season seems likely.

And the Senators.  Man.  Flashes of brilliance, like that game against Detroit, but they too seem to let games get away from them.  It's tough to say but they are definitely the lesser NHL team in Ontario for the first time in years.  If Anderson ever finds his groove again, that may change, but right now the season looks to be a long one.

But neither team played last night, so I ended up turning on the Boston/Pittsburgh game.  Wow, what a difference.  I was beginning to waver on hockey as a sport.  Turns out I just needed to watch some better teams play the sport.  It was just plain exciting to watch.  Fast action, end to end, exceptional passing, and phenomenal plays at both ends of the ice.  I didn't even mind that Pierre Mcguire was doing the on-ice commentary for the feed I was watching.  Two great teams and I'm thinking one of them will come out on top of the East this year.

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