Thursday, 3 October 2013

Point of No Return

Well, we're in for it now.  Paige had her first meal of "solid" food.  A yummy bowl of sweet potato mush.  I think Jen selected that meal just to bug me.  Paige has been pretty interested in our meal time activities lately and seems fascinated with how we put food in our mouths without any nipples being involved.  So, we thought we'd let her try it out too.

She seemed somewhat confused by the stuff on the spoon.  She knew that the spoon went in the mouth, just like every other object she gets her hands on, but she was a little put off by the mushy stuff that was coating the spoon.  We're pretty sure she ate at least some of it.  Now we wait to see how this gets processed and what kind of horrors await us on the other end.

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