Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rocky: Profile of a Killer

I was cleaning up last night and opened the cabinet under the kitchen sink to dump something in the garbage.  Before I knew it, Rocky had his head right in the cabinet.  I'd never seen him move that fast.  He pulled his head back out just as quickly and ran to a corner.  His brother, Timmay, was hot on his heels.  Rocky turned and actually growled at Timmay.  I've never heard him do anything like that before.

But it was then that I noticed the tail hanging out of Rocky's mouth.  Holy crap, Rocky has bagged his first mouse in the new house!  It took some coaxing but I eventually got Rocky to drop the mouse.  Yah, it looked pretty immobile.

I grabbed some tupperware, scooped the recently deceased up, and headed outside to dispose of the evidence.  As I opened the door, Mickey twitched and then hopped up on his feet!  He started running around the tupperware looking for a way out.  I had Green Mile'd the son of a bitch!

I sent Mickey on his way to a new adventure, outside.  Rocky may lack a devastating finishing move but he's proven himself a surprisingly efficient hunter.  Hopefully Mickey spreads the word that this Milverton house is not a mouse-friendly location.


  1. Yeah I think your cats are going to earn their keep. Gus did the same thing once and we put a semi-alive mouse outside. He likely found his way back in. Maybe you have to let the cats finish the job.

    1. I realized afterwards that it was probably Rocky's lack of teeth that saved the mouse. I'm not sure either of them could "finish the job".

    2. That means YOU have to finish the job. Eesh. I don't even want to think about it. Remember how Hemlo would leave the mouse innards around the house as a "present"? bleh.