Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pickled Sausage

So, apparently this is a thing.  We were talking in the office the other day and we got on to the topic of pickled eggs.  One guy said that in Northern Ontario you would always have a jar of pickled eggs and a jar of pickled sausage in the bar.  Being from Northern Ontario and never having seen a pickled sausage, I challenged that statement and the very notion that such an abomination could even exist.

Walking down the grocery aisle last night and I was shocked to see not only pickled sausage in a jar but a variety of pickled sausage types were available.  Even though they displayed the aesthetics of a pig fetus in a jar of formaldehyde and showed a sodium content high enough to put my blood pressure into the danger zone, I went ahead and bought a jar to bring into work.

We all tried it.  There was one guy who declined to finish his piece but everyone else managed to consume their entire portion of pickled meat.  And it wasn't that bad.  Definitely not as bad as what you'd think just looking at the jar.  I wouldn't buy it again but it's not something I regretted immediately after eating or even half an hour after eating.

One guy from the shop was pretty excited to partake in the pickled sausage.  He said we should definitely try pickled beef heart.  I will update as this incredibly weird adventure continues.

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