Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nerd Rage

Jen's been feeling pretty left out of the tablet craze. Even though we have a perfectly functional Blackberry Playbook, she's always stealing my Samsung.  The stank from Blackberry's failed tablet program is too strong to be associated with.  I get it.  But when the Nexus 7 tablet came on sale at Future Shop last week, I strongly suggested, maybe, I buy one for her.

Eventually, she agreed and I reserved a tablet for in store pick up.  I strolled into the store yesterday and asked for my tablet.  The sales person went to the locker and started rooting through the merchandise that is held there for in store pick up customers.

After a couple minutes of her fruitless searching I suggested maybe she look at one of those Asus boxes.  She turned to me and with a look of utter condescension said "The Nexus tablet is from GOOGLE, not Asus".

If I could have reached her, I would have smacked her.  As it was I was seriously considering coming over the counter.  This is why I hate Future Shop and the teenagers they hire.  They have no passion for gadgets, it's just another retail job to them.

Though it resulted in about 5 thousand popped blood vessels, I calmly explained to her that Asus was in fact the manufacturer of the Google Nexus 7 tablet and didn't once call her a little shit.  She picked up an Asus box and said "Oh look! Here it is! It IS an Asus!".

At this point I have shifted into survival mode and I just want to complete this transaction and leave as quickly as possible.  I'm sure my blood pressure spiked as she giggled to her co-worker "I couldn't find the box because I was looking for a Google box because I thought Google made it but Asus makes it so I found it by looking for an Asus box".  I'm fairly certain I didn't let out an audible sigh, rub my temples, shake my head, and whimper softly to myself.

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  1. I think it would be funny if I worked at Future Shop. "What's a tablet?"