Sunday, 1 September 2013

Labour Day

My little episode with the fridge on Friday taught me a valuable lesson.  I can't do this all on my own.  Short of rigging up some block and tackle in the old house, I was going to need some help.  Luckily the Robickles had volunteered to come up and lend a hand on Saturday.

At that point, Jen had gone three entire days without doing a load of laundry.  My concern for her mental health put the washer and dryer at the top of the priority list.  I went back to the Kitchener house early to prep the washer for the move.  Just scooting the washer away from the wall reminded what an incredible pig that appliance is.  I would have been foolish to try it on my own.  If the Robickles hadn't volunteered, I would have tried it though and I'm certain some property and/or physical damage would have been the end result.

In any case, the Robickles did show up and I took full advantage of their kindness.  We successfully moved the washer, dryer, stove, and most of the living room furniture.  I give Jody full credit for not cursing my name even once.  Those items really got us over the hump in making our new house feel livable and more of a home.

The additional muscle was very much appreciated.  The several ready-to-eat meals that Andrea left with us had us getting emotional.  We had been ordering or picking up all of our meals to that point.  The lack of a stove was our handy excuse but neither of us had the energy by dinner time to face preparing an actual home cooked meal.  So Andrea's donation to our little charity was truly cherished.

Thanks guys, we owe you big time!