Monday, 9 September 2013

Football 2013

First weekend of the NFL 2013/14 season!  Also our first weekend with the NFL Game Pass.  We made the bold decision to not sign up for cable or satellite at the new house.  Netflix would provide most of our entertainment but there was the, not insignificant, matter of watching football and hockey games.

For football, we decided to sign up for NFL Game Pass which lets people outside of the U.S. stream live and archived games to their computers.  With some restrictions.  Viewers in Canada can't stream live night games or playoff games.  Kind of lame for the $250 price tag.  But, given the options, we were willing to try it out.

And we're pretty happy so far. We were able to switch back and forth between the Dolphins (yay!) and the Steelers (ha!) games and could even watch them in split screen.  The picture quality was fairly dodgy to start but our bandwidth opened up over the day and it was looking pretty good by the time the Niners were punishing the Packers (sorry Jody).

Then the night game.  It showed as a blacked out game on our list.  So lame.  I turned to the vpn web site we're using to fool Netflix that we're actually in the U.S. and changed our virtual location to Ireland.  Boom.  Game showed no problem.

So, I'm pretty happy with our decision.  And I'm even happier that football is back.

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