Monday, 23 September 2013

Chop House

As if babysitting Paige and hauling wood stoves wasn't enough, Mom and Dad also treated us to a dinner out last Saturday.  I'd heard of the Nith River Chop House from one of the guys at work and we decided to check it out.

Out in farm country, we've learned to lower expectations when heading out to area restaurants.  Which is why we were so pleasantly surprised by our experience at the Chop House in Wellesley.  Great service, great food, great beers.  It's a very meat-centric menu as the name of the place would imply.  The beef bone napkin rings just emphasize that point.

Every single dish was mouth-wateringly enticing.  It seemed sacrilegious to not order a steak here but I had to see if the burger was any good.  You might do an amazing steak but if your burger isn't up to par, I'm not coming back.  And the Chop House knows how to do a burger.  Fantastic.  I sampled some of Jen's steak too and it was similarly impressive.

It was a relief to find such a rewarding dining establishment close to our new home.  Highly recommended for anybody that finds themselves in the area.

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