Monday, 30 September 2013


Paige insisted that Jen wear the Duckie Blanket.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

What's TBone Drinking?

I had a glass of scotch last night.  It was delicious.  Warm and soothing.  An excellent glass of Aberlour 12.  I think this is the bottle that Jen hid on me when we had all the drama about my blood pressure.  And there's still a good couple of shots left in the bottle.  And I think there's a bottle of Macallans in the cabinet too.  Two bottles of scotch that have been in my possession for 6 months and they haven't been emptied yet.  I think that's a record.


Little Miss Longlegs is almost to the edge of her first car seat.  She also appears to be checking out her nails while waiting for the walk to begin.

Hanlon's Razor

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


My new favourite shirt on Peanut.


I have been at work for two hours now.  And I have accomplished exactly nothing.  Tra la, tra la.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Chop House

As if babysitting Paige and hauling wood stoves wasn't enough, Mom and Dad also treated us to a dinner out last Saturday.  I'd heard of the Nith River Chop House from one of the guys at work and we decided to check it out.

Out in farm country, we've learned to lower expectations when heading out to area restaurants.  Which is why we were so pleasantly surprised by our experience at the Chop House in Wellesley.  Great service, great food, great beers.  It's a very meat-centric menu as the name of the place would imply.  The beef bone napkin rings just emphasize that point.

Every single dish was mouth-wateringly enticing.  It seemed sacrilegious to not order a steak here but I had to see if the burger was any good.  You might do an amazing steak but if your burger isn't up to par, I'm not coming back.  And the Chop House knows how to do a burger.  Fantastic.  I sampled some of Jen's steak too and it was similarly impressive.

It was a relief to find such a rewarding dining establishment close to our new home.  Highly recommended for anybody that finds themselves in the area.

Snow Girl

Mom and Dad came down to check out our new digs and get some quality Paige time.  They also brought down some new outfits for Peanut courtesy of my sister.  The most photogenic accessory was Paige's new snowman hat.

I missed the photo op with Paige in her new snow suit so hopefully Grandma or Grandpa can forward a pic?  We did get a picture with her new duck blanket though.

Besides admiring Paige, we did get quite a few things done on the house.  Got some new stairs on the deck, got a vent installed in the kitchen sink, got the wood stove out of the kitchen, and Paige's nursery got painted.  Couldn't have done it without Mom and Dad being there.  Thanks guys!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Sprint North

For a while at John Deere the corporate motto was "Sprint North!  Seed East!".  It was complete and utter nonsense and not a single god damned person could explain what the actions and compass points in that motto had to do with my day to day activities of cleaning mouse balls and connecting laptops to projectors.

It still makes me angry.  It came up today and I tried to explain the mindset to my current co-workers.  That lead to the explanation of SVA or Shareholder Value Added.  After I stopped yelling, I got real quiet and depressed.  So I made a picture of Paige sliding her Bumbo down a snowy hill.  It helped.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pickled Sausage

So, apparently this is a thing.  We were talking in the office the other day and we got on to the topic of pickled eggs.  One guy said that in Northern Ontario you would always have a jar of pickled eggs and a jar of pickled sausage in the bar.  Being from Northern Ontario and never having seen a pickled sausage, I challenged that statement and the very notion that such an abomination could even exist.

Walking down the grocery aisle last night and I was shocked to see not only pickled sausage in a jar but a variety of pickled sausage types were available.  Even though they displayed the aesthetics of a pig fetus in a jar of formaldehyde and showed a sodium content high enough to put my blood pressure into the danger zone, I went ahead and bought a jar to bring into work.

We all tried it.  There was one guy who declined to finish his piece but everyone else managed to consume their entire portion of pickled meat.  And it wasn't that bad.  Definitely not as bad as what you'd think just looking at the jar.  I wouldn't buy it again but it's not something I regretted immediately after eating or even half an hour after eating.

One guy from the shop was pretty excited to partake in the pickled sausage.  He said we should definitely try pickled beef heart.  I will update as this incredibly weird adventure continues.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nerd Rage

Jen's been feeling pretty left out of the tablet craze. Even though we have a perfectly functional Blackberry Playbook, she's always stealing my Samsung.  The stank from Blackberry's failed tablet program is too strong to be associated with.  I get it.  But when the Nexus 7 tablet came on sale at Future Shop last week, I strongly suggested, maybe, I buy one for her.

Eventually, she agreed and I reserved a tablet for in store pick up.  I strolled into the store yesterday and asked for my tablet.  The sales person went to the locker and started rooting through the merchandise that is held there for in store pick up customers.

After a couple minutes of her fruitless searching I suggested maybe she look at one of those Asus boxes.  She turned to me and with a look of utter condescension said "The Nexus tablet is from GOOGLE, not Asus".

If I could have reached her, I would have smacked her.  As it was I was seriously considering coming over the counter.  This is why I hate Future Shop and the teenagers they hire.  They have no passion for gadgets, it's just another retail job to them.

Though it resulted in about 5 thousand popped blood vessels, I calmly explained to her that Asus was in fact the manufacturer of the Google Nexus 7 tablet and didn't once call her a little shit.  She picked up an Asus box and said "Oh look! Here it is! It IS an Asus!".

At this point I have shifted into survival mode and I just want to complete this transaction and leave as quickly as possible.  I'm sure my blood pressure spiked as she giggled to her co-worker "I couldn't find the box because I was looking for a Google box because I thought Google made it but Asus makes it so I found it by looking for an Asus box".  I'm fairly certain I didn't let out an audible sigh, rub my temples, shake my head, and whimper softly to myself.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Running lines to our dishwasher and I found I had a helper keeping the dishwasher held down for me.


We hauled our last load from Kitchener to Milverton yesterday.  We managed to get it done a week ahead of schedule thanks to the generous donation of time and effort from Jen's parents.  With their van and some serious tetris mojo we double teamed the old house and got it done with time to spare.

Beyond the hauling we were also treated to some home cooking, baby sitting, reno work, and some valuable advice.  Those two are a whirlwind of activity and I'm very appreciative we were able to harness that energy for a few days.  Their help let us put an end to the Kitchener chapter of our lives so we can put all our energies into the Milverton chapter.  Can't thank them enough.

Friday, 13 September 2013

On the Table

We have a dining table!  I guess we can't eat in front of the TV anymore.  Dang it.  Still waiting on the buffet to complete our dining room but we did bring the drawers out of it on the last trip.  These proved quite popular with the furrier members of the household.


Paige's first ride in a jolly jumper!

Jen said that once she got it adjusted so Paige's feet could actually touch the ground, she was quite pleased with it.  Many thanks to the Schmeckalowskis who lent us the Amby.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Finger Food

Jen's parents are up giving us a hand with the house and we went out for dinner at the local restaurant last night.  Paige was fixated on chewing at least one of Gramma's fingers clean off.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Picked up a can of Arizona Iced Tea for lunch.  For some reason they are doing some kind of Arnold Palmer promotion.  Drinking out of this can you can imagine yourself draining the life force from the top of Arnold Palmer's head!  One of my better purchases.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Baked Minions

The minions have slowly been adapting to their new surroundings.  A spot of sun does wonders to soothe the savage beasts.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Football 2013

First weekend of the NFL 2013/14 season!  Also our first weekend with the NFL Game Pass.  We made the bold decision to not sign up for cable or satellite at the new house.  Netflix would provide most of our entertainment but there was the, not insignificant, matter of watching football and hockey games.

For football, we decided to sign up for NFL Game Pass which lets people outside of the U.S. stream live and archived games to their computers.  With some restrictions.  Viewers in Canada can't stream live night games or playoff games.  Kind of lame for the $250 price tag.  But, given the options, we were willing to try it out.

And we're pretty happy so far. We were able to switch back and forth between the Dolphins (yay!) and the Steelers (ha!) games and could even watch them in split screen.  The picture quality was fairly dodgy to start but our bandwidth opened up over the day and it was looking pretty good by the time the Niners were punishing the Packers (sorry Jody).

Then the night game.  It showed as a blacked out game on our list.  So lame.  I turned to the vpn web site we're using to fool Netflix that we're actually in the U.S. and changed our virtual location to Ireland.  Boom.  Game showed no problem.

So, I'm pretty happy with our decision.  And I'm even happier that football is back.

TBone vs. The Toilet

We got a lot of stuff done around the new house this weekend.  I started off with what I thought was going to be a fairly simple project.  The toilet on the main floor would run every couple of minutes.  You could see the water level drop in the tank, the float would drop, the valve would open, the tank would fill, and it would all repeat.  Very annoying.  And pretty straightforward to fix, so I thought.

There's no water on the outside of the toilet so the water draining from the tank has to be going into the bowl.  The only way for water to get from the tank to the bowl is through the fill tube or the flapper.  I bought a new fill tube and flapper and installed it.  Done and done.  Except a few minutes later it was running again.

Now I'm confused.  Take everything apart, inspect every sealing surface, and reassemble.  Still not fixed.  I proceeded with several theories and scientific experiments but nothing seemed to be solving the problem.  I even had the tank sitting over the kitchen sink so I could observe any leaks.  Everything seemed to work except when it was installed on the toilet.

My best guess was that the fill valve had been replaced at some point with a lower water volume model.  Lower fill line means less water pressure on the flapper which means less of a seal.  I broke down and bought ANOTHER fill tube and flapper but one that's designed for a smaller volume tank.

I installed this contraption in the tank and nearly lost my frigging mind when I heard the toilet running two minutes later.  I was almost weeping as I looked to the internet for any possible explanation.  And google delivered!  Turns out the hose running from the fill valve to the fill tube was too long and was actually siphoning water from the tank into the bowl.

I snipped the hose to the right length and everything has been great.  All that disassembling and reassembling and all I had to do was cut a hose to the right length.  Frig me.  But three cheers to the internet for saving me from going absolutely bonkers.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rocky: Profile of a Killer

I was cleaning up last night and opened the cabinet under the kitchen sink to dump something in the garbage.  Before I knew it, Rocky had his head right in the cabinet.  I'd never seen him move that fast.  He pulled his head back out just as quickly and ran to a corner.  His brother, Timmay, was hot on his heels.  Rocky turned and actually growled at Timmay.  I've never heard him do anything like that before.

But it was then that I noticed the tail hanging out of Rocky's mouth.  Holy crap, Rocky has bagged his first mouse in the new house!  It took some coaxing but I eventually got Rocky to drop the mouse.  Yah, it looked pretty immobile.

I grabbed some tupperware, scooped the recently deceased up, and headed outside to dispose of the evidence.  As I opened the door, Mickey twitched and then hopped up on his feet!  He started running around the tupperware looking for a way out.  I had Green Mile'd the son of a bitch!

I sent Mickey on his way to a new adventure, outside.  Rocky may lack a devastating finishing move but he's proven himself a surprisingly efficient hunter.  Hopefully Mickey spreads the word that this Milverton house is not a mouse-friendly location.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Paige's first swing ride!  Enthusiasm was... less than optimal.

Monday, 2 September 2013

That'll do.

We took a slight detour from our normal route hauling stuff between Kitchener and Milverton just to visit The Best Little Pork Shoppe in Shakespeare.

Paige seemed a little less than impressed with the photo op with Percy.  She'll come around.  I expect this visit will be the first of many.  The smoked garlic sausage we got from this place was phenomenal.


Now that the minions are here, they are more than willing to help out with chores.  Here they are helping with the laundry!

Classic Peanut


The family is once again complete.  Picked up the minions this morning and transported them to Milverton.  They're still a little freaked out but they have definitely shown an appreciation for the generous window sills at the new house.  The picture below pretty much sums up how much they enjoyed the trip.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Nautical Disaster

I gave Paige a bath tonight.  It was my first time.  Yes, in three months, this was the very first time I had bathed my child.  It didn't go well.

Up until tonight I had gladly let Jen take care of this little responsibility of parenthood.  Jen's very passionate about cleanliness so I willingly stepped back and let her follow her passion.  It's not that I'm indifferent to how dirty or clean my child is, it's just I have an irrational fear that somehow I will fuck this up because I haven't had sufficient training.

But I had to step up to the plate this evening.  Trained or not, my baby needed cleaning and Jen needed to finish painting if we were going to get the master bedroom furniture moved in tomorrow.

The bath part actually went pretty well.  Paige didn't drown once and I remained relatively dry.  I was actually feeling pretty proud of myself as I dropped Paige on to her towel.  As I started drying her off though, Paige commenced throwing an epic fit.  I was flabbergasted.  What had I done wrong?  Had I missed a step?  You wash the baby, you dry the baby, you dress the baby.  3 simple steps.  And I somehow flubbed it on the second step.

I tried rapidly progressing to step 3 and thinking that getting her dressed would make up for whatever horrendous drying mistake I had made.  No luck.  Jen had to step in and restore order.

I was crushed.  I moped over to the master bedroom to carry on the painting that Jen had to abandon when it became obvious that I had no control over the baby situation.  The only solace I had was the knowledge that if Jen ever asked to give Paige another bath, I can just remind her of this little episode.

Labour Day

My little episode with the fridge on Friday taught me a valuable lesson.  I can't do this all on my own.  Short of rigging up some block and tackle in the old house, I was going to need some help.  Luckily the Robickles had volunteered to come up and lend a hand on Saturday.

At that point, Jen had gone three entire days without doing a load of laundry.  My concern for her mental health put the washer and dryer at the top of the priority list.  I went back to the Kitchener house early to prep the washer for the move.  Just scooting the washer away from the wall reminded what an incredible pig that appliance is.  I would have been foolish to try it on my own.  If the Robickles hadn't volunteered, I would have tried it though and I'm certain some property and/or physical damage would have been the end result.

In any case, the Robickles did show up and I took full advantage of their kindness.  We successfully moved the washer, dryer, stove, and most of the living room furniture.  I give Jody full credit for not cursing my name even once.  Those items really got us over the hump in making our new house feel livable and more of a home.

The additional muscle was very much appreciated.  The several ready-to-eat meals that Andrea left with us had us getting emotional.  We had been ordering or picking up all of our meals to that point.  The lack of a stove was our handy excuse but neither of us had the energy by dinner time to face preparing an actual home cooked meal.  So Andrea's donation to our little charity was truly cherished.

Thanks guys, we owe you big time!