Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I gave up quite a few things when I found out about my blood pressure issues.  Coffee, scotch (mostly), beer (mostly), salt, red meat, and, probably my worst vice, Monster energy drinks.  I used to be quite the Monster fiend.  And they're not cheap so not the most financially sensible habit.  And just jam packed full of stuff to get your heart racing.

Anyways, I dropped it cold and didn't look back.  Until today.  Argo had done some promotional work at a Monster sponsored event and we got a bonus of a factory wide donation of free Monsters.  Right in my face.  It was tempting.  Real tempting.  But I let it slide.  I'm at a point where I care more about my daily blood pressure readings than I do about that sweet, sweet, rush of green chemicals.

I consoled myself with some delicious, unsalted, soy nuts.  Yum.


  1. That stuff is really nasty! Don't drink it. Not just for your blood pressure but for your overall wellness. Yay Tyson.

    1. Spoken like somebody who has never experienced the glorious rush of a Monster high!