Friday, 30 August 2013

Oscar Mike!

We are on the move!  Yes, the great Milverton Migration of 2013 has commenced!  Aside from nearly killing myself moving the fridge, the move has been progressing nicely. We have a month overlap with the house in Kitchener so there's no huge rush.  We have the important things, like Internet and toilet paper.

We're currently camped out in the dining room as Jen wanted to do some redecorating upstairs.  We're only one night in but, so far, Paige has been adapting to the change well. The fresh country air seems to agree with her. Or maybe it's that faint smell of manure.

We're still very excited about the house and the town. We miss the central air conditioning (dear GOD do I miss that a/c) but that's about the only thing we miss. We have a gorgeous back yard and a workshop just begging to be filled with tools.  Today I walked downtown with Paige to pick up some groceries and just for the hell of it I walked right down the middle of our street.  Not something I would have survived at our old house.

It's an exciting step in our life as a family. A tremendously tiring step but one that will pay off for years to come. So, if you ever find yourself in Milverton, first double check that your gps is functioning properly, then give us a holler and stop by the fabulous Casa Del TBone!