Monday, 19 August 2013

More Machine Than Man

So, with everything going on with the house and the bank and work, it really hasn't been the best couple months to be tracking my blood pressure.  The nurse practitioner had wanted me to start taking blood pressure readings at work too.  Those readings really messed with the awesome graph I had going up to that point.

Reacting to those readings, my nurse upped one of my dosages and referred me to a doctor of internal medicine.  The increased dosage really seemed to do the trick and I was getting happy readings morning, noon, and night.  But I still had that referral and part of the referral was getting an echo cardiogram, an electro cardiogram, and something called a Holter Monitor.  All that was this afternoon.

First up was the echo cardiogram.  This is an ultrasound of the heart.  Never had one before and didn't really know what to expect.  I certainly wasn't expecting anything so... erm.... intimate.  I got to play little spoon while the technician kind of cross-wise big spooned me and rubbed her probe over my lubed up chest.  Very awkward.  Forty-five minutes of that.  Couldn't see the monitor but the tech didn't let out any audible gasps or shocked noises so hopefully it's all good.

The ECG was almost nothing.  That tech hooked up some sensors, snapped on some wires, and 30 seconds later it was done.  A breeze.  Then the wires came off, but not the sensors.  No, the sensors were left on for the Holter Monitor.  The monitor is about the size of a Sony Walkman, if you can remember what those things looked like.  Wires from this thing got hooked up to my sensors and then the monitor got hung around my neck.  And I get to wear this thing for the next two days.  48 hours of continuous monitoring and I can't take a shower during that time.  Jen's pretty excited about that.

So now I have  this pack of electronics sticking out of my chest.  I was hoping I'd feel more like Iron Man in this situation.  But add my CPAP machine into the mix and I'm really starting to feel more like this guy:

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