Thursday, 1 August 2013


Obviously, blogging hasn't been high on the list the last couple weeks.  Everything is going well and we're really looking forward to our big move but the last couple weeks have been pretty stressful at work and when I get home I just want to decompress and spend some time with the wee Paiger.

We did have a big trip up to Ottawa last weekend.  This was our biggest road trip yet with Paige.  We left Thursday night and Paige slept for 5 hours straight.  It was awesome.  We had a great couple days.  The grandparents watched Paige for us while we went out for a fantastic meal, just Jen and I.  My mom was an absolute savior on Saturday night when Paige had a bit of a meltdown and Jen and I were completely out of ideas on how to calm her down.  My sister also got some extended Paige time which we greatly appreciated.  Most important of all, it was great to get the cousins together for a traditional Londry photo-op.

Megan said I could photoshop her out of the picture, so I did.

Then I thought Alice looked a little unnatural in that pose so I moved her around.

And then I added a tiger.  Because tigers are awesome.

Ultimately we did have to come home.  We stopped in to see my Aunt and Uncle near Kingston to show off Paige.  It was a two hour drive from Ottawa and we thought we would get lucky with the timing.  We didn't.  Paige is a much less accommodating passenger during the day.  It took us a while to get home.  I think we'll stay home for a while now.

I definitely owe some pictures for everybody.  The Bumbo continues to be very popular.

And Paige generally continues to be a very happy baby.  She's impossibly cute and we're treasuring every moment with her.