Friday, 2 August 2013


Part of the stress of the last couple weeks has been dealing with the CIBC.  I shopped around a bit for mortgage rates when we were in negotiations for purchasing our house.  CIBC had the best rate, bar none.  I told my special needs mortgage specialist that I wanted to proceed with the mortgage application based on the rate he had quoted me.

This guy never inspired confidence from day one.  I got matched up with him not on a recommendation or referral but just because I filled out a form on the web requesting a mortgage contact.  He always seemed a little mystified by the whole process.  I'm guessing he was new.  Lucky me.

Anyways, a day before our deadline to waive the financing conditions on our offer.  He calls me up and says everything is good, the mortgage has been approved.  I asked for something, anything in writing to verify this approval.  He said he could only provide paperwork after I had signed but assured me that everything was fine.  Right, okay.

So I roll into the bank, ready to sign.  I sit down and buddy says "Yah, about that rate I promised you.  Ummm, no.".

And I lost it.  I can't recall ever yelling at somebody outside of work and sober.  But this guy got it all.  I was furious.  And all I got in return was some mewling apologies.  I could have walked but rates had already gone up beyond what he was now offering and I couldn't get any better elsewhere.  I sat and signed the papers, flipped the pen at the dipshit and stormed out.

Angry letter writing time!

I've only ever done this a handful of times and it has never been rewarded with any kind of compensation other than the joy of putting some hateful words on paper.  But, surprisingly, this time it worked.  I got a call from a customer care representative who got a hold of dipshit's manager and, ultimately, got me my original rate reinstated.  Sweet!  The system works!

Overall, still not exactly happy.  I'm sure I'll calm down in 5 years time and take the lazy approach to re-signing with CIBC but it sure as hell won't be with this branch in Kitchener.

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  1. I can't believe you actually received some actual CUSTOMER SERVICE from a BANK. You're my hero.

    Also - excellent work on the meme.