Friday, 30 August 2013

Oscar Mike!

We are on the move!  Yes, the great Milverton Migration of 2013 has commenced!  Aside from nearly killing myself moving the fridge, the move has been progressing nicely. We have a month overlap with the house in Kitchener so there's no huge rush.  We have the important things, like Internet and toilet paper.

We're currently camped out in the dining room as Jen wanted to do some redecorating upstairs.  We're only one night in but, so far, Paige has been adapting to the change well. The fresh country air seems to agree with her. Or maybe it's that faint smell of manure.

We're still very excited about the house and the town. We miss the central air conditioning (dear GOD do I miss that a/c) but that's about the only thing we miss. We have a gorgeous back yard and a workshop just begging to be filled with tools.  Today I walked downtown with Paige to pick up some groceries and just for the hell of it I walked right down the middle of our street.  Not something I would have survived at our old house.

It's an exciting step in our life as a family. A tremendously tiring step but one that will pay off for years to come. So, if you ever find yourself in Milverton, first double check that your gps is functioning properly, then give us a holler and stop by the fabulous Casa Del TBone!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Excuse Me!

Dang paparazzi! 


I gave up quite a few things when I found out about my blood pressure issues.  Coffee, scotch (mostly), beer (mostly), salt, red meat, and, probably my worst vice, Monster energy drinks.  I used to be quite the Monster fiend.  And they're not cheap so not the most financially sensible habit.  And just jam packed full of stuff to get your heart racing.

Anyways, I dropped it cold and didn't look back.  Until today.  Argo had done some promotional work at a Monster sponsored event and we got a bonus of a factory wide donation of free Monsters.  Right in my face.  It was tempting.  Real tempting.  But I let it slide.  I'm at a point where I care more about my daily blood pressure readings than I do about that sweet, sweet, rush of green chemicals.

I consoled myself with some delicious, unsalted, soy nuts.  Yum.

Monday, 26 August 2013


This reminder showed up on my tablet this weekend:

Umm, hopefully everybody got the message that particular party was cancelled and there wasn't anybody wandering around Waubaushene going "What the fuck?".

The plan was always a small wedding with a big party afterwards and we feel bad we didn't get a chance to have that big celebration with all of our friends and family.  But wee Paige has become the center of all our activities and the thought of trying to juggle baby and out-of-town party organizing would have destroyed at least one of us.  That was hammered home by a very difficult road trip yesterday.

We love and appreciate everybody out there and wish we could have had that party.  We're not ruling out a future party but it will be in Milverton and Paige will be walking by then.


I'm a big fan of the show Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I find it hilarious.  And I have never been able to successfully recommend it to anyone that didn't already know about it.  The premise is a hard one to take in cold.  A dude on a cheezy space station set who is being forced to watch cheezy movies with his cheezy robot friends.  The set-up scenes are admittedly terrible and whenever I've tried to show people an MST3K episode that first scene is where they are usually lost.  But if you just wait until the actual movie starts it gets so good.  It's like having a plant with the most beautiful flower that gives off a horrible stench 5 minutes before it blooms.  It's tough to get people to hang around for the main show.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


My one guiding principle to surviving the business world:


Paige has been getting pretty mobile.  You rarely find her in the same spot you put her down.  Yesterday she figured out how to skooch under the change table part of her play pen.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Yah, she might be a month or two too early for this one.  She seemed pretty bewildered by the whole thing.  Soon.


My latest bit of paranoia is that earwigs can crawl up my CPAP hose during the day.  And then when I connect my mask at night they can crawl into my mouth.  I hate my brain.

Monday, 19 August 2013

More Machine Than Man

So, with everything going on with the house and the bank and work, it really hasn't been the best couple months to be tracking my blood pressure.  The nurse practitioner had wanted me to start taking blood pressure readings at work too.  Those readings really messed with the awesome graph I had going up to that point.

Reacting to those readings, my nurse upped one of my dosages and referred me to a doctor of internal medicine.  The increased dosage really seemed to do the trick and I was getting happy readings morning, noon, and night.  But I still had that referral and part of the referral was getting an echo cardiogram, an electro cardiogram, and something called a Holter Monitor.  All that was this afternoon.

First up was the echo cardiogram.  This is an ultrasound of the heart.  Never had one before and didn't really know what to expect.  I certainly wasn't expecting anything so... erm.... intimate.  I got to play little spoon while the technician kind of cross-wise big spooned me and rubbed her probe over my lubed up chest.  Very awkward.  Forty-five minutes of that.  Couldn't see the monitor but the tech didn't let out any audible gasps or shocked noises so hopefully it's all good.

The ECG was almost nothing.  That tech hooked up some sensors, snapped on some wires, and 30 seconds later it was done.  A breeze.  Then the wires came off, but not the sensors.  No, the sensors were left on for the Holter Monitor.  The monitor is about the size of a Sony Walkman, if you can remember what those things looked like.  Wires from this thing got hooked up to my sensors and then the monitor got hung around my neck.  And I get to wear this thing for the next two days.  48 hours of continuous monitoring and I can't take a shower during that time.  Jen's pretty excited about that.

So now I have  this pack of electronics sticking out of my chest.  I was hoping I'd feel more like Iron Man in this situation.  But add my CPAP machine into the mix and I'm really starting to feel more like this guy:

Kayak Kitty

The mighty fishing kayak hasn't got any use this summer.  Well, it hasn't had any use by ME.  It has proven quite popular with the feline members of the household as it sits on the garage floor awaiting transport to Milverton.


Grandma and Grandpa TBone were down for a visit this past week.  Some quality time with wee Paige.

Lil' Ducky

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Umm, what are you doing?

We have two cats.  One is a little more "special" than the other.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What's TBone Listening To?

One of the guys at work turned me on to The Sheepdogs.  They have a great sound and they're Canadian to boot.  I was a fan just from listening to their music.  But then I saw theses videos and it left me speechless.  Awesome.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013


A trip to Herrle's Market this weekend resulted in an irresistible photo opportunity.  Our wee lamb didn't seem to share our enthusiasm.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Play Time

I love this onesie.  She is clearly labeled.


"Where are we going mommy? And does the ducky have to come too?"

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Elvis Fan

Jen picked out this outfit.

It was inspired by her very first ultrasound where I noted a possible resemblance to The King.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Paige Pics

Some additional pics from the last couple days.

Goodbye, old friends.

Getting ready for the big move.  Pulled these guys out of the bin they've been sitting in for the last 3 moves.

I loved having these things but I never played with them and I really can't see a scenario where I would ever hook them up again.  Nostalgia is a great thing but at some point you really have to move on.

I've found good homes for some of these guys where kids will hopefully have as much fun as I had with them.  The others will be donated and maybe find some good homes too.  I'm getting emotional here, I have to go.


We had the chairs upside down on the dinner table.  The cats appreciated it.

Synchronized Bum Licking

I think the title captures what's going on here. Enough said.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Peanut vs. Ducky

Peanut has had a duck and froggy toy dangling from her car seat pretty much from the start.  Her relationship with ducky has soured of late.

Friday, 2 August 2013


Part of the stress of the last couple weeks has been dealing with the CIBC.  I shopped around a bit for mortgage rates when we were in negotiations for purchasing our house.  CIBC had the best rate, bar none.  I told my special needs mortgage specialist that I wanted to proceed with the mortgage application based on the rate he had quoted me.

This guy never inspired confidence from day one.  I got matched up with him not on a recommendation or referral but just because I filled out a form on the web requesting a mortgage contact.  He always seemed a little mystified by the whole process.  I'm guessing he was new.  Lucky me.

Anyways, a day before our deadline to waive the financing conditions on our offer.  He calls me up and says everything is good, the mortgage has been approved.  I asked for something, anything in writing to verify this approval.  He said he could only provide paperwork after I had signed but assured me that everything was fine.  Right, okay.

So I roll into the bank, ready to sign.  I sit down and buddy says "Yah, about that rate I promised you.  Ummm, no.".

And I lost it.  I can't recall ever yelling at somebody outside of work and sober.  But this guy got it all.  I was furious.  And all I got in return was some mewling apologies.  I could have walked but rates had already gone up beyond what he was now offering and I couldn't get any better elsewhere.  I sat and signed the papers, flipped the pen at the dipshit and stormed out.

Angry letter writing time!

I've only ever done this a handful of times and it has never been rewarded with any kind of compensation other than the joy of putting some hateful words on paper.  But, surprisingly, this time it worked.  I got a call from a customer care representative who got a hold of dipshit's manager and, ultimately, got me my original rate reinstated.  Sweet!  The system works!

Overall, still not exactly happy.  I'm sure I'll calm down in 5 years time and take the lazy approach to re-signing with CIBC but it sure as hell won't be with this branch in Kitchener.


On Dawn's recommendation, the very first Successful Project Baby meme:


Paige got her first round of immunization shots yesterday.  I'm glad I wasn't there.  I don't think I could have handled watching her get jabbed by a needle.  As it was, she was a pretty grumpy baby for the rest of the day.  She was inconsolable at one point and I just had a rage that somebody did this to my child.  Somebody made her feel bad.  It didn't matter that it was for her own health and safety.  She was upset and I wanted the person who made her upset to pay.  She settled down after we administered some infant tylenol but I had the realization that I really need to downshift the over-protectiveness or we're all going to have a tough time when she starts going to school.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Obviously, blogging hasn't been high on the list the last couple weeks.  Everything is going well and we're really looking forward to our big move but the last couple weeks have been pretty stressful at work and when I get home I just want to decompress and spend some time with the wee Paiger.

We did have a big trip up to Ottawa last weekend.  This was our biggest road trip yet with Paige.  We left Thursday night and Paige slept for 5 hours straight.  It was awesome.  We had a great couple days.  The grandparents watched Paige for us while we went out for a fantastic meal, just Jen and I.  My mom was an absolute savior on Saturday night when Paige had a bit of a meltdown and Jen and I were completely out of ideas on how to calm her down.  My sister also got some extended Paige time which we greatly appreciated.  Most important of all, it was great to get the cousins together for a traditional Londry photo-op.

Megan said I could photoshop her out of the picture, so I did.

Then I thought Alice looked a little unnatural in that pose so I moved her around.

And then I added a tiger.  Because tigers are awesome.

Ultimately we did have to come home.  We stopped in to see my Aunt and Uncle near Kingston to show off Paige.  It was a two hour drive from Ottawa and we thought we would get lucky with the timing.  We didn't.  Paige is a much less accommodating passenger during the day.  It took us a while to get home.  I think we'll stay home for a while now.

I definitely owe some pictures for everybody.  The Bumbo continues to be very popular.

And Paige generally continues to be a very happy baby.  She's impossibly cute and we're treasuring every moment with her.