Saturday, 1 June 2013


Had my eye on this one for quite a while.  I've been furious with the lack of support on the blackberry playbook and I've been jonesing for a lot of the features I have on my phone but in a tablet format. 
I focused on this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 mainly because of the stylus.  The ability to edit images and graphics directly on the screen is something I've wanted for quite a while and makes this a legitimate business expense.
So far I've been very impressed.  I've downloaded the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Photoshop Touch apps and I'm amazed at the graphics editing capability I have in this little unit.
It's the first tablet I've used that can, legitimately,  be described as a work device.  Sure I loaded angry birds on it too but I think it has a real shot as a productivity tool.  Not just for my side business but at my day job too 
As for my old playbook?  Well, I'm sure Paige will enjoy it when the  time comes.

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