Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sleep II: The Sleepening

Did my second sleep study last night.  The first one was to identify that, yes, I have sleep apnea and should go get a machine.  Now that I've been using the machine for a couple weeks without major issue, it's time to dial in the pressure that will get me the most benefit from the machine.

The second sleep study is mandatory if you want to get the government subsidy that pays for 3/4 of the machine.  So as much as I hated the first sleep study, I had to suck it up and head back to the sleep clinic for Round 2.

And it actually started out much better than last time.  There were fewer surveys to fill out and the tech was very efficient at her job of getting the sensors pasted to my head.  No nonsense, let's just get this done.  Super.

The rooms weren't as stifling hot as last time and I was fairly tired by lights-out so I didn't have any problems getting to sleep.  The problem came a few hours later when I was awoken to the sensation of somebody putting the business end of a leaf blower up to my face.

I should mention that the machine at the sleep clinic wasn't the machine I have at home.  I brought in my own mask but the air and humidity was being controlled by their machine.  The tech was going to be adjusting the pressure remotely through the night and monitor my reaction in order to find the sweet spot.

So apparently the tech decided at one point to dial it up to 11.  It was nuts.  I could barely exhale.  And my mask was leaking around my nose sending blasts of air across my eyes.  It took a few minutes to relax and try and adjust my mask.  As I stopped clenching everything to resist the airflow, I could feel the air pressure expand everything and it was actually easier to exhale somehow.  I guess it felt more like I'd expect it to if the point was to have enough air pressure to keep my airway open.

I wrestled with these new sensations for about half an hour and somehow got back to sleep.  I really want this to work and even though it was a shock to the system, that higher pressure setting did seem to be working in a way that my machine at home wasn't.

But I still have to wait a month to get any update on my own machine's setting.  So wait and see I guess.  Hopefully it's my last sleep study for quite a while.

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