Wednesday, 12 June 2013

One More Thing

We are very fortunate to have such generous family and friends.  We received so many gifts before Paige showed up that it was inconceivable that we were lacking anything that would give comfort to our bundle of joy.  Inconceivable.

But the last couple nights showed us we were missing one item.  Something that would get Paige to sleep just a few minutes more between feedings.  The bassinet that came with the play pen seems to be her favourite now but that means mommy has to sleep on the couch.  The play pen can't come upstairs because then we lose our "baby processing" center on the main floor.

We needed something that matched the bassinet in comfort and position but was portable.  We did some googling, factored in a Sears gift card we had been gifted, and headed out to Sears.

The pictures on the web site were misleading.  There was nothing there that had the right reclining angle we were looking for.  Google had shown other places that had contenders.  One of those places was Walmart.  And there was a Walmart near the Sears.  Just on the other end of the mall.

So, two of my favourite things in the whole wide world.  The mall and Walmart.  I don't know why these two locations spawn such inconsiderate jackholes.  These places are filled with people who exhibit zero awareness of how their actions affect the people around them.  I hate these places.

But we made it to the Walmart and they didn't have the model we were looking for.  So back through the mall to get back to the truck.  I was close to having a seizure by the time I got out of there.  Checking my blood pressure at that moment would have been an interesting experiment.

But we weren't done.  I'd survived the mall but showed that the model we were after was in stock at the Walmert SUPERCENTER near our house.  Fuck.  Here we go.

We found what we were after, Paige test drove a couple models without leaving any poop on the display units, and gave her stamp of approval to a rocking sleepy thing.  I gritted my teeth and headed to the check out.

And this is going to sound hypocritical as I'm out shopping with my own family, but why would anyone think that going to Walmart with your family of six would be a good idea?  Three kids under the age of 6 and, I'm guessing, grandma in tow as well.  That's just chaos.  You're inflicting your chaos on everybody else.  Not everybody needs to be in the checkout line.  Are the kids going to be paying for their own items?  There appears to be enough adult supervision that they could be herded outside.  But no, having them together so they can all scream about the candy and gum their parents won't buy for them is a much better idea.

That won't be us!  We're going to do parenting right damnit!

Anyways, we got Paige's new sleep thingy home and I got it assembled while Jen dealt with the latest (and greatest) poop tsunami.  And she seems to really like it.  She slept great last night which meant Jen slept great.  So I guess it was all worth it.

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