Monday, 17 June 2013

Me Day!

My very first Father's Day!  Gotta say, felt pretty proud of myself.  I know Jen did all the hard work and continues to be Parent #1, but for one day it was nice to stick out my chest and say "Yah!  I'm a dad!".  

My morning was spent with some one-on-one time with Paige while mommy caught up on sleep.  We did her one month review, detailing her achievements to that point, noting areas for improvement, and identifying goals for the upcoming month.  Overall, we agreed that she had Met Expectations but   if she focused on maximizing night time sleeping while minimizing poop overflow, she could easily achieve an Exceeds Expectations.

Mommy rejoined us for lunch and we watched some very terrible television.  At one point we turned on Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.  There's an entirely inappropriate movie to watch with your infant daughter.  And just a horribly bad movie.  What was Jeremy Renner thinking?  It seemed like everybody involved knew they were making a ridiculous movie but still kind of wanted to make a serious one at the same time.  Very reminiscent of Van Helsing and a little bit of the Brothers Grimm.  The difference being I will watch Van Helsing or the Brothers Grimm on any given Sunday afternoon.  It will be a pretty desperate day if I ever watch Hansel & Gretel again.

A very relaxed day but special nonetheless.  Proud of my little family and proud to be the dad.

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