Monday, 17 June 2013


Our first road trip with Paige!  And what better destination than Lobsterfest!  A sometimes annual celebration of boiling things alive, cracking their bodies open, drenching their insides with butter, and generally making a huge mess.

Paige made the two hour trip like a champ.  And with some grandparents at hand, I was able to really dig into the lobster and ribs while Jen broke her 9 month long Caesar salad fast.  AND we got to catch up with some good friends.  Grandparents are great.  

So, as long as there's a decent feeding area around, we're comfortable expanding our traveling range to a 100-200 km radius.  Many thanks to Evil Dewar and The Robickles for co-producing such a great dinner.  It was good to get out and show off our own co-production.

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